On mental health, the pension thieves have a callous, heartless mindset

by Colin Campbell

DOWN from Scorguie through the snow on the bike on a very wintry Friday morning to my medical practice for an annual health check. The weather was so uninviting that I might have called it off. But such events are important to those over 65, or at least they should be, and I had no intention of missing it.

It included a blood pressure test, and being prone to “white coat syndrome”, that is, increased anxiety in a medical setting which can cause a BP test result spike, I tried to visualise calming thoughts as I awaited my call.

So I thought of Sturgeon, Blackford and the SNP…

No, that wouldn’t exactly be a soothing idea. Pondering the devious machinations of the pension thieves in that setting could lead to an immediate referral for an emergency appointment at Raigmore.

Instead I visualised an increasingly accomplished young relative playing “The Entertainer”, the instantly recognisable theme tune from “The Sting”, on the piano. That pretty much did the trick.

There is a serious side to this beyond any medical and health considerations which apply to me.

I was fortunate with regard to covid, which didn’t leave any “mental health” scars on me. Many people did however suffer psychologically, and some still are suffering. A friend of mine signed up with the Befrienders organisation two years ago, and makes several calls to people each week. His admirably supportive duties will continue.

Another referendum would make things far worse for many more people.

The stress created by a full-blown bitterly fought clash over the soul and future of the nation and all the personal and financial issues related to it doesn’t bear thinking about.

But it would be inescapable, morning, noon and night. And very few people would be able to switch off and just ignore it. What would that do for our mental health, particularly for older people?

It would be extremely difficult and in some cases devastating.

Worries over pensions, mortgages, currency and so much else could be constant and would take a ravaging toll.

There is a severe shortage of mental health support as things stand, despite the sympathetic clucking from the SNP.

How these threadbare services would be expected to cope with a new, virulent plague of “neverendum” anxiety is difficult to imagine.

Younger people would cope, as they always do. Older people more prone to stress and anxiety could be overwhelmed.

It’s too much to expect such considerations – referendum equals illness – to cause Sturgeon and her acolytes to hesitate in ramping up their independence obsession.

“Any price is worth paying” – even if people fall sick as a result.

Essentially they have a callous and heartless mindset, bereft of reason or compassion.

They are determined to get their way, no matter the trail of psychological damage it would leave in its wake.

Their supposed “mental health” concerns are a hypocritical charade.

Another referendum would lead to many more people ending up in doctors’ waiting rooms. Struggling and failing to find any source of calm.

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