Sick remarks about the Queen with covid are nationalist poison at its very worst

by Colin Campbell

WHY I should lower myself to commenting on something that appears in the vile National, I do not know.

But how many decent people can fail to be utterly infuriated by snide and nasty comments about the Queen, when she has covid?

A  “columnist” called Shona Craven this week mocked widespread concern and respect for the 95-year-old monarch as she rests before intending to carry on with her official duties.

She wrote: “Maybe the true extent of her light duties will prove to be staying alive until we’ve all enjoyed her Platinum bank holiday weekend.”

That is repulsive, disgusting and sick beyond words.

Craven added that during her reign the Queen’s “heaviest duties only ever amounted to turning up at places and occasionally picking up a sword for a minute or two”.

Whatever your view of the monarchy, whether you think it should be scrapped tomorrow or hold the institution in the highest regard, any reasonable person must have at least some respect for the role of the Queen over the past 70 years.

The utterly cretinous Shona Craven should experience the pressure of what it’s like under the glare of the TV cameras at major occasions with tens of millions of eyes on you and knowing that you must never put a foot wrong or say a wrong word.

But the Queen, even at 80 and 90 and beyond has shown superhuman levels of steadfastness which demand and command respect and admiration across the world.

But not among utterly shallow and childish contributors to that bible of nationalist fanatics which spews out its venom day in and day out.

I’m not any bunting and street party royalist by any means but I happen to think that the Queen is and has been the greatest living person of my lifetime.

Thankfully, she is recovering from covid and will soon continue with her duties, at 95.

Craven and her despicable ilk are in a small minority. The vast majority of decent nationalists have respect for the Queen.

But this is the kind of material that poisons the well of nationalism.

It’s not open to debate I suspect for the vast majority of people. Scorn and mockery of a covid afflicted 95-year-old woman who has given a lifetime of service to her country is far beyond the pale.

We may know what to expect from the National. But bosses at the Herald group who have ultimate responsibility for what appears in their publications should after printing Craven’s disgusting remarks be curling up into putrid little balls of shame.

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