At a time of mass suffering, SNP should cease exploiting Ukraine

by Colin Campbell

AND to think the main item here this time last week was a parental backlash over an attempt – which emanated from the bizarre obsessions of the SNP Transgender Transphobia Party – to impose unisex toilets on a planned new Inverness primary school.

The anger of many parents over this madness, a five or six-year-old girl sharing the same toilet space with a 12-year-old boy, was completely justified. It succeeded in forcing a rethink which restored sanity and normality to the separate toilet arrangements for children.

But it takes more than a European war to interfere with Sturgeon and the SNP’s and little Patrick Harvie’s determination to make it perversely easy for a man to decide he’s a woman and gain access to the female changing rooms in places like the Inverness Leisure Centre.

Despite Sturgeon allowing a “free vote” the Gender Recognition Act enabling John to decide on a whim that he’s now Jenny with no one legally able to interfere with his sudden change of changing rooms will almost certainly be passed at Holyrood on Thursday.

In this utterly weird world now being created in SNP Scotland who can accurately predict anything anymore?

Except perhaps that the SNP would try and politicise Ukraine, as they have done, in a way that ranges from crass to nauseating.

One errant utterance could be overlooked and ignored. No right thinking person would be distracted from the terrible events happening there by that.

But day after day the priority of the SNP seems to be using the tragedy and horror of Ukraine to bolster the cause of independence and score political points against the UK Government.

Their standards at a time of war have fallen from low to loathsome.

On Monday SNP MSP Michelle Thomson linked the “struggle for independence” and the need to break free from the oppressors south of the border with Ukrainian attempts to defend themselves against the Russians. At least she saw how sickening that comparison was and apologised for it.

But then on Tuesday we had more of the same on the battle for “freedom” from SNP President Mike Russell. And there was no apology from him. There was widespread revulsion over his comments which could appeal only to the most extreme lunatic fringe of the nationalist movement.

But Russell did succeed in provoking and worsening division in the UK. I read a slew of comments online from people in England for whom this was the final straw. They have had to endure an endless stream of anti-English racism and bigotry from SNP/nationalists and now they see themselves as being compared, indirectly or otherwise, to bloodthirsty Russians.

This was only a sample of opinion but would it be surprising if it was widespread? Unfortunately many English people seem to believe the SNP do speak for the vast majority of Scots and fail to realise that many of us despise nationalist bigotry and those responsible for it as much as they do.

Never mind a referendum. If many English people had their way, with feelings running high, I suspect they’d kick us out of the UK tomorrow.

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Barrage Balloon of the current conflict, entered day three of his condemnation of the UK Government over a small private Estonian registered plane taking off on Sunday for Moscow from Inverness Airport.

This was a leading item on the Herald website on Sunday and on Tuesday he was still fulminating about it in the Inverness Courier. He said he intends to raise it in Parliament.

So much publicity for this money grubbing hypocrite but what’s the story?

The plane has gone into the wild blue yonder, no others have followed it, and as Ukraine is hit by a Russian onslaught Blackford thinks this single Inverness plane departure three days ago is a major issue. Who else does? Should the passengers have been held hostage?

The story of course is that Blackford is desperate to find something, anything, to use to criticise the UK Government.

He’s been a national embarrassment for years, but now at a time of war he is beneath contempt.

Inverness MP Drew Hendry sustained the SNP propaganda barrage when he leapt in too quickly to claim that the UK Government’s attitude to Ukrainian refugees is “a national disgrace”. I imagine he’ll soon be at his favourite weekly pastime of fiddling with knobs and speakers to make it the topic of his next podcast.

Who could fail to be moved, upset or even reduced to tears by the refugee scenes we are all seeing. But as things stand around 200,000 Ukrainians will be able to enter the country. That’s a very big number.

And the spectacle of Hendry bestriding the moral high ground – such an easy stance to take – would be more convincing if he could offer solutions rather than yet more “outrage”.

For example it’s not so long ago that he was lamenting in a newspaper column the dire shortage of housing and accommodation in Inverness. He bemoaned the fact that next to welfare problems housing issues were what he was asked to deal with most. And he cited the case of a young Inverness couple who were both working but were still unable to afford the high rents.

The vast majority of people would there is no doubt be supportive of maximum support for war refugees. But the question that is unanswered is where they would all go. Hendry recognised in that article that Inverness as just one town or city which is completely crowded out.

There undoubtedly are still ways to accommodate refugees from Ukraine here.

But it’s an immensely complex issue which requires at least some degree of planning and preparation. Not yet more cheap and easy grandstanding from the mouthy wartime charlatans of the SNP.

One thought on “At a time of mass suffering, SNP should cease exploiting Ukraine

  1. Does Mrs Krankie Sturgeon really think we believe her in her comments about the refugees. She does not care for anyone and her motive for taking any of these poor people in is to try and get them to give her extra votes for SNP and also shame on them making a comparison on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia , like SNP on their determination for independence in the Uk
    How low can they stoop the scumbags ,can you honestly blame the English for taking a dislike to us , and all through our Communist SNP scumbags who try and brainwash us all with their lies
    I thought the private plane Humpty Dumpty Blackford was on about taking off from Inverness to Russia was taking greasy haired Angus Robertson and lavy brush head Michael Russell off to head office in Moscow to get further instructions on delivering their poison in the Uk along with our Dodgy Dictator Mrs Krankie Sturgeon herself


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