UHI’s ‘graphic fishing’ idiocy. Green waste of space Slater on a different planet with nuclear surrender

by Colin Campbell

THE University of the Highlands, almost unbelievably, placed a warning on a novel by Ernest Hemingway that students might be upset by passages in it which contained descriptions of “graphic fishing”.

Maybe I had too much faith in my belief that Highlanders were brought up in an environment where the scenery was matched by a rugged application of basic common sense. It is not known precisely who was responsible for this “warning”, maybe it was some soft-headed incomer. But it was pathetic beyond belief.

In fact amid all the national censorship warnings and general lunacy about trying to protect students and others from suffering mental distress by being exposed to anything which might upset their hyper-tender feelings, this was the worst example so far.

“Graphic fishing” alert! That really plumbs all known depths.

Through this pitiful act of unspeakable folly, the UHI turned itself into a national laughing stock.

As the war in Ukraine continues (Viewer warning: TV report contains images of bombing, killing and refugees by the hundreds of thousands which some students may find upsetting) will it finally bring an end to this feeble, whimpering nonsense?

It has been inescapable up to now.

Recently Boris Johnson made a mild cake related joke at PMQs over Ian Blackford being overweight and Blackford – of all people – suddenly became a “victim” of “body shaming”.

This brand of SNP “outrage” was co-ordinated by his even more obese deputy leader at Westminster, Kirsten Oswald, and very successful it was too. The next day Blackford, the pensions liar and money grubbing political hypocrite, did indeed find himself as the “poor Ian” victim on most newspaper front pages. It beggared belief.

I’ve never used the catch-all word “woke” here and I’m not going to start now. It is too vague and imprecise.

But in terms of sheer stupidity, the UHI has regrettably topped the lot. Obviously much good work is done there. May we never again see or hear of it hooked by an outpouring of ridicule a a result of some absolute moron deciding students need to warned about anything in any book or novel, far less “graphic fishing”.


SOMETIMES, in fact all too often, we may wonder at the sheer idiocy of those receiving vast amounts of money to govern and “represent” us.

And none more so than weird little Patrick Harvie and his Green co-leader Lorna Slater, who have been given ministerial posts by Nicola Sturgeon purely because they prop up her obsession with independence.

As the tragedy unfolds in Ukraine, I came across an article by Slater written a few months ago extolling the virtues of Scotland being free of nuclear weapons “after independence”.

Slater wrote: “I hope that we never live in a world in which the maintenance of hundreds of billions worth of arms that could wipe out millions of lives has become a condition of global influence.”

What planet has the shrill Canadian been living on? Is the land of milk and honey actually in a different galaxy?

When since 1945 have we NOT been living in a world where possession of nuclear weapons has been a factor, a huge factor, in “global influence”.

Has she never heard of the Cuban missile crisis? Or Iran? Or North Korea?

The only reason Putin has a chilling level of global influence right now is because he is in charge of the world’s biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons. And has made veiled threats to use them, specifically against the UK.

I know that. Everyone who is even vaguely aware of the situation knows that. But Lorna Slater seems confused by the realities, to put it at its very mildest.

If Slater and the little Green man want to see the world rid of nuclear weapons maybe they should try and seek an audience with the Russian ambassador to the UK and request that their views should be forwarded to Mad Vlad. If they did they’d probably be kicked out by the KGB doorman.

I don’t object to waste of space Slater’s ignorance. It’s what might be expected. But I do object to having to fund the £100,000 salary of an almost childishly naive government fool capable of radiating such blatantly obvious idiocy.


THIS week Nicola Sturgeon moved closer to what seems her life’s ambition (even more so than ripping the UK apart) by making it easy on little more than a whim for men to “self identify” as women.

The introduction at Holyrood of the Gender Reform Recognition Act was a major advance for her.

Examples of what this will mean are straightforward enough. Without any medical checks or balances a man will be able as he pleases to “self-identify” as a woman and head for female changing rooms and toilets and no one will be able to stop him. In fact they would find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they even tried.

This could happen at venues like the Inverness leisure centre. It could happen anywhere.

The leisure centre is a place where people go to get fit or shed a few pounds or get rid of the stresses of the day by pounding a treadmill.

It is about the last place in the world where you can imagine consternation breaking out because of some utterly perverse obsession rotting the brain of Nicola Sturgeon.

Of course the situation may not arise. But it could.

Once Sturgeon and the SNP Transgender Transphobia Party get their way maybe the best thing that could happen is if Bill decides he’s now Britney or Colin decides he’s now Clementine and lugs his gear down the ramp and walks into the female changing rooms there.

It would be horribly fascinating in its bizarre way to see what the reaction of women would be.

And maybe only when that happens will the madness and supreme arrogance of Sturgeon in her belief that she can actually re-programme the way people think become fully apparent.

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