JK Rowling is voice of sanity amid trans madness

by Colin Campbell

THERE are two mysteries surrounding the “trans debate”.

Where it all came from in the first place, how an issue which relates to a tiny fraction of the populace has been elevated to the point where you’d think it affected virtually every household in the land.

And why some politicians go against the mass of public opinion by making statements on it which most people either disbelieve or think are completely absurd.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has become a mouthpiece for a hardcore of militants when he baldly stated: “A trans woman is a woman.”

He was criticised by JK Rowling for making that claim which many will consider nonsensical and thank goodness the brilliant author is also the voice of reason.

Many long complex articles have been devoted to this subject but how many people have the time or inclination to read them?

I know of no one who believes a man who thinks he is a woman actually becomes a woman. And I know of no one who believes men who “self identify” as women should be allowed to use female changing rooms or toilets. Does anyone? Despite the back and forth going on it’s not debatable for most people. It’s case closed.

Nicola Sturgeon in her bizarre obsession with this has turned her outfit into the Transgender Transphobia Party.

But how many of her normally slavishly supportive MPs or MSPs have backed her?

As far as I’m aware Drew Hendry, Ian Blackford and Fergus Ewing to name but three have not uttered a word about this.

Why? I strongly suspect because they don’t go along with it. They don’t believe in it. Hendry and Ewing are never going to devote one of their columns in the Inverness Courier to arguing the case for a man who “self identifies” as a woman being allowed to use the female changing rooms at Inverness leisure centre. They won’t go anywhere near it because they know it would lead an outpouring of scorn, ridicule and an angry backlash which would damage them. And primarily because as men of robust common sense, on some things at least, they think that perversion of what most people consider reality simply shouldn’t happen.

But now Starmer for whatever reason has aligned himself, like Sturgeon and weird little Patrick Harvie, with trans extremists.

And that’ll cost him and Labour votes, particularly among women who don’t want men being allowed into their private space.

JK Rowling is a multi million best seller and millions of people support her in being the leading voice of sanity on the “trans” fandango as well.


One thought on “JK Rowling is voice of sanity amid trans madness

  1. Always regular as clockwork when ever Krankie Sturgeon speaks with out engaging her communist brain she disappears with no grand entrances into the Scottish parliament she disappears nearly as quick as the SNP supporters £600000 funds which vanished into thin air or as quick as Peter muddell Krankies husband disappeared ,where has he gone ,maybe at home watching the magpies out of window
    It’s also strange Druthy Hendry never gets involved in any controversial topic ,no he is too scared to rock the boat ,just sits tight says nothing except now and again just to remind us all how poor we all are under the Tories ,that is no bad for a contribution towards the big salary he gets under false pretences plus of course his trips abroad with plenty hospitality thrown in ,and all funded by the British tax payer Yes you and I , Druthy Hendry is no daft just say enough to keep the pot boiling now and again and continues to keep aboard the UK gravy train
    If Wee Krankie Sturgeon and her trans gender party ever get seperation then we will all know what poverty is and we will all be on bikes like the wee green Man harvie and Druthy Drew Hendry It’s a terrible thought but thank goodness that day is not going to happen


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