REFUGEES: Amid all the ‘outrage’, will Drew Hendry be taking any in?

by Colin Campbell

WILL Drew Hendry be taking in refugees?

Or should that be, how many refugees will he be taking in?

He hasn’t told us yet. And I don’t know his circumstances. But as a leading member of the snouts in the trough battalion of money grubbing SNP politicians, raking in a vast salary and somewhere close to his pal Ian Blackford’s quarter of a million pounds in expenses, I very much doubt if he’s living in a bedsit.

What he has told us about, repeatedly, is his disgust at the UK Government’s approach to the Ukrainians, even though there’s a pledge to take in at least 200,000. “Shameful, appalling, disgusting”, his Twitter site is laden with expressions of outrage.

This is the SNP’s line. Open the doors and take every last one who wants to come here, without hesitation, thought, planning or consideration.

That is, consideration as to where they’d all go.

This is probably partly genuine. At least maybe partly genuine.

But the prime objective of the SNP is to demonstrate as loudly and vociferously as humanly possible how kind and welcoming and compassionate they are compared to the callous, heartless UK Government. The same UK Government that has been praised by the Ukrainian president and singled out for attack by Putin for the level of support given to Ukraine.

In other words, with brutal cynicism, to exploit the situation in a bid to increase support for independence, as the bombs fall on Kyviv.

Hendry is full of “outrage” but he can well afford to be. But he also knows Inverness is in the grip of a housing crisis before a single refugee arrives.

It’s pathetically easy to virtue signal and “welcome them all” if it’s not going to affect you personally. But the situation will look very different if you’re on the housing waiting list with no end in sight. Despite the harrowing scenes on TV, the milk of human kindness only goes so far if you see your chances of finally getting a home vanishing due to an influx of Ukrainian refugees.

Not so long ago Hendry was lamenting the plight of a young Inverness couple, both working, who couldn’t even find an affordable property to rent.

Now there is no limit to the “welcome them all” SNP stance on Ukraine.

There’s plenty outrage and condemnation flying around aimed at its Westminster target (the source of Hendry and co’s bloated salaries and expenses).

But there are absolutely no explanations on housing and accommodation.

Using this dreadful situation to score political points is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the low life of the SNP.

Shameful, appalling and disgusting sums it up.


One thought on “REFUGEES: Amid all the ‘outrage’, will Drew Hendry be taking any in?

  1. As already said and quite obvious to everyone Krankie Sturgeon Druthy Hendry and old Humpty Dumpty Blackford are no more interested in the welfare of these poor refugees than fly in the air they only want them in Scotland to eventually get them all to vote and boost the SNP and of course to tell us all how little the UK government is doing in comparison to Scotland , the SNP cannot even look after our affairs in Scotland never mind mouthing off about what the British Government does.
    Never mind with Krankie Sturgeon and Hamza Useless on the case the COVID figures will be down in a couple of weeks once she gets one or two more grand entrances into Holyrood flashed across our screen and of course with the traditional Tartan mask what fools did you ever see anyone else in the tartan masks (and Humpty Dumpty Blackford in the tartan tie) they are the only clowns with them on
    Anyway it’s nice to see all the Gaelic signs in the Town are in full display and around the hospital’s etc this will be handy for Hamza Useless when he comes up to visit at the hospital to collect his COVID data he will fairly find his way about.
    As I say what fools what is all that costing to produce these signs ,I am sure the money would be better spent on the NHS or Police etc and especially in these times of restraint
    Krankie and company remind me of all the SNP clowns marching in their Lidl kilts at £6 a time down Bridge street and big fat Blackford in his Range Rover and Druthy Hendry on his Sab following up at the rear
    Not much chance of them being with the minions marching they are too used to the snouts in the troughs courtesy of our British Government nothing but the best for them
    Just had a thought can anyone tell me where I can get a sturgeon hamsa useless or a Blackford tartan tie or kilt ,I cannot find one anywhere not even in Lidls or Aldis middle isle they must be all sold out,and waiting for Krankies branch office in China to supply another batch ,that’s assuming that terrible British Government don’t turn Krankies order away at UK border control


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