by Colin Campbell

DREW Henry has gone quiet on Ukrainian refugees of late.

Maybe the Inverness MP realises it doesn’t look so good bawling “outrage, disgusting, disgrace” over their treatment by the UK Government  – which has agreed to take in more than 200,000 – if, when push comes to shove, you’re not taking any in yourself.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford is however in full flight over the issue, literally.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said that that 48 youngsters have been given the green light to travel to Britain. Blackford raised their situation in the House of Commons on Wednesday, claiming then that the Home Office was the “only obstacle” to bringing them to the safety of the UK.

But of course. Westminster, from which he gains his vast salary and £250,000 or so in annual expenses is always to blame for everything.

He told the BBC on Sunday: “I’m so pleased for everybody that’s been involved in this.

“Everybody has come together to support the charity to support the children, so this is a great story of the humanity and decency of people and those that really want to make a difference.

“This is a good day and I’m looking forward to going out to Poland with the charity on Monday to bring the children back and to get them back here to Scotland.”

Maybe it’s necessary to partly suspend cynicism in this kind of situation.

But this is Ian Blackford we’re talking about, a man who, in trying to persistently persuade endlessly gullible SNP supporters that another referendum’s on the way (he was at it again yesterday on the BBC) is one of the most cynical people on the planet.

Why does he think it’s necessary to travel to Poland to bring the children back? Couldn’t he stay out of it?

Our bellowing, blustering national embarrassment shouldn’t be let out of the country without a warning sign hanging around his neck.

Nevertheless, he may well believe that his popularity and reputation in his home country will skyrocket as a result of his personal child-rescuing trip to Warsaw.


That would be some headline to come back to. It’s probably being framed already by the National.

So people across the country will be mightily impressed.

That is, apart from the 80-90 per cent of the population who will think that a politician SHOULD keep out of this charity trip, should NOT travel to Poland, and should NOT give the appearance of trying to be the centre of attention of this commendable effort and trying to grab the limelight over it.

Who knows what Blackford’s capable of. I wouldn’t be surprised if he elbowed his way to the front of the homecoming photo holding a child up in each arm. In fact it’s probably quite likely.

He’s not only a national embarrassment. It’s all too easy to see him as being a cringe-making embarrassment to himself.

A headline appeared in the weekend papers: “Nicola Sturgeon welcomes refugees”.

At least the Great Leader was showing an example to her SNP colleagues by welcoming these unfortunate people to share her humble abode.

But no, apparently not. Her humanitarian contribution consisted of the easy part, namely welcoming them to Scotland.

To stay with other folk.

Sturgeon’s thoughts, as always, will primarily be focused on her own pathetic little battle.

She has again insisted that nothing will delay the march towards another referendum and independence. Not the war, not the casualties, and not the SNP’s brutally cynical virtue-signalling over Ukrainian refugees.

The release of a new “prospectus for independence” is said to be imminent.

Will this actually be published anytime soon? Or will it on the ever flexible SNP timescale be about as imminent as “Indyref2”?

Let’s hope this document supposedly answering in detail all the big questions on defence, currency, pensions, mortgages, a hard border with England, the deficit, the EU and so much else does see the light of the day even at this particularly inopportune time. We could do with some light relief.

But at least in trying to win hearts and minds towards independence Sturgeon now has Ian Blackford the Child Refugee Saviour as her not so secret weapon.


  1. The attention seeking Old Humpty Dumpty Blackford is at it again why take him on the plane to Poland ,think of the food he will eat on the flight plus of course the weigh of him he ,he will probably need 3 seats to himself , that seats would be a lot better occupied by a couple more of these poor children
    I bet that The Dodgy Dictator Sturgeon is already getting kited out with a Ukrainian mask to welcome them when they get back
    Trust they check the weight of the plane before takeoff with Humpty Dumpty on board he will probably eat enough food on the flight that would feed a couple of refugees for a week
    Shame on them the attention seeking SNP scumbags


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