Who knows anymore if a woman can have a penis? But we do know Blackford is fat

by Colin Campbell

BORIS Johnson made another light hearted reference to Ian Blackford’s weight at PMQs yesterday, saying that Blackford, like Johnson, clearly believed in “moderation in all things”.

The Child Refugee Saviour merely slumped back in his seat and grinned. Maybe behind the scenes they are indeed good pals – the “Eton toff” and the rich former merchant banker – as Johnson has claimed. With spluttering indignation, the Saviour has denied any camaraderie with the man the nats love to hate.

At least Blackford’s black masked deputy Kirsten Oswald didn’t lumber to her feet and start screeching about “body shaming!, body shaming!”

The last time Johnson referred to Blackford’s weight, Oswald, who doesn’t let many tatties roll off her own plate, succeeded in portraying him as the victim of a nasty, callous attack, just because he likes guzzling cake.

Setting up a money grubbing political hypocrite like Blackford as the victim of anything was an incredible achievement, but Oswald probably knew she couldn’t pull it off twice.

However Blackford did have another feeble go at “partygate”.

No one cares about partygate anymore, and not that many did in the first place.

We might expect such an intervention from Blackford and the SNP. Professing to hate Johnson and the Tories is all they’ve got.

But Labour leader Keir Starmer weighed in on it as well, without making any impact.

That’s the same Keir Starmer who was this week asked on LBC radio whether a woman can have a penis, and was unable to answer the question.

For me, that bears repeating. Keir Starmer, the man who aspires to be the next British Prime Minister, being asked if a woman can have a penis, and being unable to answer the question.

It’s chilling, but that’s the frighteningly crazy world we’ve somehow descended into.

And it’s one Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP along with weird little Green man Patrick Harvie are all too eager to see imposed and legally enforced on the people of Scotland.

So no one can say anymore that a woman can NOT have a penis. Or suggest that any answer to the contrary is either cravenly pathetic or outright madness.

That is just not acceptable in Sturgeon/Harvie/Starmer land.

But at least for now – and we must be thankful for small mercies – we can still say Blackford the Child Refugee Saviour is FAT.


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