For Hendry’s SNP there’s one rule for £3,000 a day consultants, and another for everyone else

by Colin Campbell

THOUSANDS of independence supporters are expected to descend on Arbroath on Saturday as the Yes movement looks to “get back on the front foot” coming out of the pandemic.

That’s according to the extremist All Under One Banner (AUOB) organisation which is organising the event.

So we can expect a few hundred to turn up, in reality.

Or maybe a few dozen.

When recent marches in Edinburgh and Glasgow have failed to attract more than a 1,000 people, it’s difficult to envisage nats swarming to Arbroath.

The march will celebrate the 702nd anniversary of the signing of the “legendary” Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

AUOB urged anyone who can to attend, saying: “Now is the time to intensify and accelerate the campaign.”

What campaign?

Would that be the one for another independence referendum, as promised by Nicola Sturgeon for “2023”.

The referendum that all but the lunatic fringe of the nationalist movement now accept isn’t going to happen.

No Section 30 order from Westminster, no referendum.

Mrs Sturgeon, as crotchety, frayed and worn as she’s ever been at First Minister’s Questions this week, looked a far less than an inspirational figure.

£3,000 a day for a consultant…don’t expect a word about it from ‘cost of living crisis’ Drew Hendry.

Those elusive ferries will set sail before she has the will to launch any new indy campaign. And they might not appear until 2024.

She had to explain to baying rivals and sullen, silent SNP MSPs why an interim shipyard boss who was appointed to sort out the mess – essentially a glorified consultant – was paid £3,000 a day, and £2 million in total.

That was the going rate, she said.

Sturgeon may be distinctly lacklustre in trying to raise the morale of independence supporters but she certainly knows how to put a spring in the step of “consultants” everywhere.

How much were the Glasgow based geniuses who came up with the magical plan for the Ness riverside Gathering Place paid to design their curved wall?

That information has remained under wraps. But it was in the tens of thousands, no doubt. The creative process which goes into imagining artwork like the stunningly impressive Wall doesn’t come cheap.

We can only hope they weren’t paid £3,000 a day also.

Highland Council is keen on using consultants. They’d better become a lot less keen after Sturgeon set that £3,000 a day benchmark figure.

Inverness MP Drew Hendry will pour out his anger and anguish over the cost of living crisis hitting so many people in borderline poverty.

But don’t expect to hear even a murmur of disapproval from him over this appallingly expensive fiasco.

Expressing even the merest hint of doubt over Nicola Sturgeon or ANYTHING she does is taboo for those expected to offer only slavish devotion to The Regime.

For Hendry and the other money grubbing SNP freeloaders, there’s one rule for Sturgeon and her £3,000 a day consultants, and another for everyone else.


3 thoughts on “For Hendry’s SNP there’s one rule for £3,000 a day consultants, and another for everyone else

  1. You are right , there is little chance of Druthy Drew Hendry voicing his opinion about The Dictator Krankies waste of taxpayers money on the ferry building fiasco he keeps quiet.
    No he does not want to do or say anything that would affect his big fat salary and free trips abroad (drinks included) for example to Gibraltar all paid for of course by the UK government and us the taxpayer
    It’s nice to see the cycle lanes now in place everywhere all courtesy of our SNP scumbags headed up by Krankie, I think the only people using them is Druthy Drew Hendry and his Green pal Patrick Harvey nobody else . What a waste of taxpayers money , and all to please our green SNP pals ,I bet you will not see The Dictator Krankie coming to work by bike ,no she comes by limousine to Parliament and tells us all to cut out car journeys to save the environment, just like she tells us all to ware a mask , yet she and Peter Muddell can go to London to the service for Prince Philip and not ware one , she also has some cheek going down there , especially with all her continuous anti English and hatred of our UK Government broadcasts she makes.
    I wonder who paid for Peter Muddell s expenses going down to London ,I suppose it was us taxpayers again ,WHY did he have to down there, I bet they never took the train , no of course not ,nothing but the best for our troublemakers,living on the fat of the land at our expense
    Now that the railways are nationalised will Krankie be coming to train to work , no I doubt it
    Just one final thought can you imagine Blackford on a bike that would be some laugh he would need special heavy duty winter tyres to keep him up .


  2. If our Dictator Sturgeons government could work as hard building our over budget multiple million pound ferries as Jenny Gillruth ,Krankies new transport minister can speak they would be ready for Easter
    Mind you she is a bit like Krankie and Hamza Useless ,s agenda keep talking all the time and nobody hopefully will get a chance to question you and you will get away with all your lies and promises
    How more ignorant and scheming can you get .tipical SNP scumbags
    Any word of Krankie the Dictators promise of bikes and laptops for the kids yet? No another empty promise like the rest of them ,mind you , you never know we might hear word with the MAY Election coming up
    Finally don’t forget to wear your masks , everyone has to except Krankie when she goes to Westminster Abbey it’s ok for her ,she is exempt it only applies to us.
    Good OLD Krankie she takes the biscuit ,not a bit of shame in her.


  3. Jenny Gillruth , Krankies new Transport Secretary has wasted no time in getting stuck into her new job ,she has even got workers to strim the verges on the A9 which are covered in snow (honestly this is true on internet with photo today and The Press and Journal )
    I am just guessing that maybe Kate Forbes complained she could not see the verges properly when she comes up in her limousine from Edinburgh to the Black Isle .or else Hamza Useless was not happy about it when he passed over in his helicopter , all paid for by us the taxpayers
    Both of these two people of course very conscious of the emissions created by their mode of transport
    And of course don’t forget the man with the strimmer on the A9 churning out the fumes as well.
    How lucky we are in Scotland having such educated and knowledgeable people looking after our interests and running our country.


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