Relief as virus hospital numbers in the north peak and are now on the decline

by Colin Campbell

SINCE hitting a peak of 150 a week ago the number of patients in Highland hospitals with covid has steadily fallen.

On Friday 124 people were in north hospitals with the virus. There was no one in intensive care, and there hasn’t been for several weeks.

The number of hospitalisations had risen relentlessly since the beginning of February when only around 20 people were in the wards with covid.

And it had skyrocketed from the beginning of March in an ever upward spiral which last Friday was more than SEVEN times the number of a few weeks ago.

The downturn from the high point of last Friday will come as a relief to many.

For my own part, if the figure had continued to spiral upward breaking through 160 or 170 or even heading towards 200, personally I’d now be worried. And I haven’t been worried about covid for several months now.

It’s all very well hearing – as I’ve done – that everyone we know who has caught it has only suffered fairly mild symptoms.

But clearly a significant number of people have been badly  affected by the virus and have needed hospital treatment as a result.

My own attitude was this week partly changed by a conversation I had at the Inverness leisure centre with an extremely fit man in his 40’s – a Scottish Orienteering champion athlete no less – who caught it a couple of month ago and said he suffered very badly, despite being fully vaccinated and boostered.

He has fully recovered now but it’s been a struggle.

He ticked all the boxes in terms of weight, activity and ultra fitness. But still he was hit hard.

Many people – including me – were on the way to thinking the virus scourge is yesterday’s news.

Much of the media, including the local media, aren’t covering it anymore, or giving it only a passing mention.

There is scope for relief that the relentless rise in hospitalisations in the Highlands has not continued.

We can only hope that the current downward trend in hospitalisations will continue.

Further updates will follow. But it’s clear that, two years on, much as we may wish it was otherwise, the virus threat is not yet over.

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