Difficult times for many in the ‘eat or heat’ crisis, but a large number would still blindly follow Sturgeon into something much worse

by Colin Campbell

MY energy company, SSE, recently informed me that my annual electricity bill was projected to rise by £357.70, to be unduly precise.

That’s unwelcome, but some way short of being a “crisis”.

And yet I keep stumbling across reports of people who are said to be facing horrendous increases in their energy costs, with bills due to double or in some cases treble.

Despair, fear and foreboding about the prospect of destitution crackle from their every utterance.

What to make of this?

Have they been misinformed or got their figures wrong? Are sections of the media, following on from their honourable role in fervently trying to spread covid terror across the land for the past two years, now seizing on a new opportunity to scare people to death?

Or am I just lucky, and SSE are one of the more reasonable, one of the “nicer” energy companies to deal with?

I honestly do not know. But if you weren’t already feeling a bit cold in your surrounds with some of the appliances turned down, these reports would be guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.

Young relatives, with two school age children, tell me that the money they put into a pay as you go meter that lasted for around a week now lasts for only around four days. It’s a realisation for them that the “energy crisis” has landed on their doorstep.

Although fortunately, it’s not a crisis for them either, with the husband in a well paid job and his wife bringing in a good part time income. They will be able to soak up the increase in expenditure without much difficulty.

Others, unfortunately will not. Foodbanks are expected to become busier than ever. The Citizens Advice Bureau fears it will be overwhelmed.

Money advice expert Martin Lewis, who seems to have emerged as the man of the hour in this particular crisis, is all over the media with his desperately gloomy prognosis. During covid, the woman of the hour was Devi Sridhar, throwing around her “expert” opinions anywhere and everywhere. Each crisis seems to promulgate to fame someone we’ve never before heard of.

Sridhar, a pro independence Sturgeonista from Edinburgh University, got more wrong than she did right, despite the “What does Devi think?” deference accorded to her by sections of the media. She’s now vanished from the scene, and that’s certainly no great loss.

We can only hope that Martin Lewis is similarly off target in his more extreme predictions. In one of the more apocalyptic utterances you’ll ever hear on television before Sunday lunchtime he said two weeks ago that many people would face the choice between “freezing or starving”.

That’s pretty grim. The standard “heat or eat” warning is now apparently not graphic enough to describe the plight people face being plunged into.

The warnings are clear enough but solutions or ways to mitigate the scale of the difficulties facing some people are not.

Except of course for the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. Inverness MP Drew Hendry has posted on his Twitter site – no doubt it’s everywhere in SNP circles – a video of Sturgeon denouncing the scandalous failure of the UK Government to act to resolve the difficulties across the country.

She stopped short of claiming Boris Johnson and his colleagues are somehow deliberately engaged in a surefire vote winning conspiracy to inflict maximum pain on the voters they’ll need to support them, but I’ve no doubt she was tempted.

If I faced the threat of freezing or starving Sturgeon would be a complete irrelevance as I grappled with horrendous problems.

But for many of us she can never be an irrelevance until she’s gone.

Regrettably, how many of those who’ll be worst hit are ardent supporters of independence? A very large number in the housing estates of Glasgow and Dundee and elsewhere.

The heat or eat, freeze or starve crisis may be too serious to play politics with, but the independence conflict still manages to overshadow everything. Sturgeon and co in the months ahead can be guaranteed to exploit this for all its worth, heap blame on the UK Government, and try and galvanise flagging support for their cause with a “time for change, could anything be worse” type slogan.

Many will probably fall for it, swallowing whole all the lies and deception about benefits soaring, pensions doubling, a “fair living wage for all”, a four day working week for the same pay, and the SNP’s compassionate commitment to a fairer, more equal society for all.

In the land of milk and honey – crisis, what crisis? The word would vanish from the English language.

No one would suffer from poverty, foodbanks would disappear from the landscape and everyone would lead a warm and comfortable life.

An alternative opinion, fortunately held by the more perceptive majority of voters, is that the widespread difficulties people are facing now would be a minor blip compared to the ravages and suffering that would result from independence. And they would last for years.

That is what is so loathsome about Sturgeon and her lying propagandists in the SNP. They strive to show their natural compassion in these troubled times but if they could they would wilfully, recklessly lead so many people into a much worse situation.

And the supreme irony is that many of us who see through the lies would probably be able to weather the financial storm and avoid the worst of the hardship.

Ardent low paid SNP supporters and many on benefits would suffer most of all. Their blind loyalty would be repaid by them being thrown to the wolves by those who had conned and fooled them. All so these people – all well off and raking money in from their role in the endlessly generous “independence industry” – could achieve their incredibly selfish dream of embarking on an experiment liable to go disastrously wrong, and free Scotland of the non-existent tyranny and oppression of “the English”.

Whatever is needed as this energy and cost of living crisis unfolds it is not another independence referendum. Maybe when Sturgeon comes up with her much delayed “prospectus for independence”, now again put back till after the May Council elections, it will warm the cockles of nationalists’ hearts.

Some warmth and an uplift in these dire times at last.

And all we can say to that, whatever their situation in these very troubled times, is more fool them.

One thought on “Difficult times for many in the ‘eat or heat’ crisis, but a large number would still blindly follow Sturgeon into something much worse

  1. If the SNP are.deliberately delaying their major announcements about the next stage of their independence campaign until after next month’s local government elections; two questions immediately spring to mind.

    Firstly, what exactly are the SNP trying to hide from the very same voters that they are currently begging to elect SNP Councillors?.

    Secondly, what do SNP Council candidates know about these plans that they are hiding from Scottish Councils voters?

    Either the SNP candidates are deliberately witholding information from the electorate and cannot be trusted.

    Or the SNP leadership has decided that their very own local government candidates cannot be trusted to know what is going to happen.

    Which is it?


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