by Colin Campbell

I THINK it’s fair to say that many of us are confused by some of the things going on in the SNP Government’s Transgender Transphobia Scotland, backed up by their lickspittle Green Party acolytes.

Of course to many if not most people of my vintage none of it makes any sense. But it’s obviously not just a generational gap in understanding.

Plans to impose unisex toilets at an Inverness primary school generated a furious backlash a few weeks ago. This would have meant a five or six year old girl sharing the same facilities as a 12 year old boy. They were subsequently dropped.

And  I have yet to meet anyone who agrees with Nicola Sturgeon’s proposals on “self identification”, which would mean a man declaring himself to be a woman having the legal right to use the female changing rooms at the Inverness leisure centre.

Meanwhile we have Keir Starmer, the Labour leader who aspires to be the next prime minister, being unable to answer in a radio interview whether a woman can have a penis.

I’ve given up on any manner of lunacy from Sturgeon affecting her standing in the polls and being detrimental to her image as a wise and capable leader among her supporters.

But that mumbling, pathetically craven response from Starmer, who enjoys no such degree of fanatical devotion, will come back to haunt him, as it most certainly should.

The media has bought heavily into all this gender/transgender stuff, and keeps it close to the top of the agenda in Scotland.

And none more so than the pro-SNP Herald.

It doesn’t matter how many comments beneath articles reflect the general view, “Who cares”, still they publicise it as if it affected every household in Scotland, rather than a tiny, albeit very noisy, fraction of the population. And of course Sturgeon’s obsession with it gives their coverage some peurile kind of legitimacy.

Yesterday on their website they carried not just one but two prominent articles about it. No wonder their circulation is crumbling and before long they’ll probably cease to exist. It would certainly be a bonus if their sister paper, the vile National, went down with them.

Article one: “AN LGBT adviser has quit his post accusing the UK government of trying to drive a wedge between transgender and gay people.

“Iain Anderson has resigned from his role as the LGBT business champion, telling ITV news that ministers were waging a “woke war” after planning to exclusive transgender people from a ban on conversion therapy.”

Article two: “The first transgender MP has said he is ‘bitterly disappointed’ that people who identify as a different gender to the one they are born into will be excluded from plans to ban conversation therapy.

“Jamie Wallis, Conservative MP for Bridgend, last week came out as trans in a highly personal statement.”

Well, having read these initial paragraphs (and I have no access to the rest of what’s written, as you have to pay for it – some chance), are you any the wiser?

The first effort simply makes no sense, due to shoddy or non-existent sub-editing from a once prestigious and highly respected newspaper.

And taking the two together, they make even less sense.

The first article refers to “conversion therapy”, and in the second it’s “conversation therapy”.

Well which is it? Maybe they had a go at all this and got as confused as the rest of us.

Of course we can look at this shenanigan between the gay and transgender people about who gets access to conversion or conversation therapy in a wry, wearied way. It’s just the way things are now in this increasingly strange country run by the SNP.

Or it can be looked at in a different way.

Where would this conversion/conversation therapy come from? The NHS presumably.

Where the waiting list for psychiatric treatment for people with other mental afflictions stretches into months and in some regions over a year.

Where the waiting list for those needing surgery for “urgent” medical problems is massive.

And where the waiting time for a hip replacement, so I was told by a nurse at Raigmore Hospital who needs one, is between two and three years.

Meanwhile the Herald newspaper, no doubt backed to the hilt by Sturgeon and weird little Green man Patrick Harvie, gives top billing to a row between the LBQTI crowd over which group gets access to conversion or conversational therapy for whatever their problems might be.

No wonder many people like me are sick to the back teeth of all this malarkey and the prominence it is given, ranging to unisex toilets for young kids, women with penises and men being able to use female changing rooms if Sturgeon and Harvie get their way.

And yet SNP supporters turn a blind eye to things they fundamentally disagree with and dutifully trot out to vote for this pair with their perverse priorities every time. Such is the pathetically bizarre state of affairs in SNP Transgender Transphobia Scotland.


  1. Cannot understand how Kate Forbes who professes to be a devout church goer and Christian lets herself be associated with these people who appear to have no morals whatsoever and are pure scumbags
    Something does not add up with her beliefs and her involvement with them ,maybe it’s just down to money and limousines from Edinburgh to the Black Isle all courtesy of us taxpayers, no excuse now the railways are nationalised ( courtesy of Krankie the Dictator) Kate can get the train down and save us all money as a trainee accountant she should know that.


  2. I stopped buying the Herald years ago when its pages were being filled with ‘green’ nonsense but I recall they used to offer readers an opportunity to complain if they got a story wrong and they would correct it. With current media reporting on Ukraine, there’s plenty scope for reporting the truth rather than government
    sponsored propaganda. I wonder if they still do that?


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