Ross County boss thumps the holier than thou brigade

by Colin Campbell

ROSS County beat Aberdeen at the weekend and secured a place in the top six of the Scottish Premier League for the final round of games, which not only brings prestige but also a big financial boost for the Dingwall club.

I’m not a supporter of Ross County, although I recognise how well they’ve done this season.

But I’m delighted for their manager, Malky Mackay. At the beginning of the season I hoped he would be successful, and so he has proved to be.

The Ross County manager stands out amid football’s cut and thrust as a result of a tiny number of off the cuff Twitter remarks he made, and which some malcontent uncovered, while he was manager of Cardiff City seven years ago. A couple of decades ago few would have batted an eyelid at their content, but Mackay made the critical mistake of forgetting that times have moved on, and what was sayable back then is incendiary now.

As a result, despite profuse, heartfelt apologies which cut no ice with vengeful critics, he lost his job with the club.

And as we know all too well, forgiveness has too often been abandoned in this era where so many are so eager to pounce on and crucify anyone who steps even marginally out of line when it comes to the range of “isms”.

Since he left Cardiff he has been hounded and branded and “shamed”, with his pursuers seemingly determined to ensure he never worked in football again. The persecution was far, far uglier than any offence caused to anyone by Malky Mackay in his three or four careless Twitter remarks.

When Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor decided to bring him to Dingwall there were some holier than thou supporters, who had no doubt never said or done anything wrong in their entire lives, who protested at his recruitment.

Mr MacGregor stood firm against this herd like mentality of endless sanctimony and persecution and brought the new manager into the fold.

After Saturday’s excellent result Malky Mackay celebrated with jubilant supporters and for many he is now the hero of the hour.

That is as it should be. We all make mistakes and may regret them afterwards, but do not deserve to be haunted by them for years.

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