Shrill Canadian Slater stirs up division on an issue getting far more attention than it deserves

by Colin Campbell

SHRILL Canadian Lorna Slater, co-leader of the Green Party, has had another go at stoking up division over “trans rights”.

Slater this week outrageously compared people opposed to elements of the new “trans agenda” to racists and anti-semites.

Slater and her co-leader Patrick Harvie prop up the SNP Government to give them a so-called independence majority at Holyrood. So she has free rein to say anything she likes.

Most SNP supporters aren’t much different in their social attitudes from those of us who can’t stand Slater, Harvie and Sturgeon.

They no more believe that an issue affecting less than one per cent of the population deserves the massive publicity and exposure it’s being given than any of the rest of us.

But the SNP/Green Transgender Transphobia Government fixates on this issue and blows it up into something which an alien landing from Mars would assume directly affected every household in Scotland.

We have never before seen anything as mystifying and bizarre as their outright obsession with it.

Sturgeon and her cohorts want people to be able to “self identify” as and when they please without restrictions or restraint. That is controversial, but acrimony and ill feeling could be killed stone dead if Sturgeon, Slater and their “trans activists” accepted they can’t have everything they want and backed off on just three aspects of their agenda.

The vast majority of people do not believe men who choose to become women should be allowed to compete at a high level in female sports. They have an inbuilt physical advantage which no amount of medication can remove.

The recent spectacle of hulking trans swimmer Lia Thomas looming over the natural women he had left trailing in an American championship event was the most vivid example of competitive farce we’ve seen so far. Olympic swimming icon Sharon Davies has been a leading voice against this travesty, rightly pointing out that it is blatantly biased against girls and women who have trained for thousands of hours to compete in their events, only to lose out to a competitor with all the natural advantages of male strength.

If this spreads – and it is spreading – women who want to fairly achieve success might as well pack it in and not even bother competing. They will lose out every time to a man who previously achieved only mediocre results – as Thomas did – in male competition.

If Thomas and others want to identify as women that’s their right. But they can’t have everything. And that includes brazenly inserting them into the female sports arena and emerging as false champions, while natural women are cast into their shadow.

Keep this stuff out of schools, and primary schools in particular. The claim that “unisex toilets” reduces bullying is an obvious invention and fabrication. But what it can lead to is a five or six year old girl sharing the same toilet space with a 12 year old boy, and virtually no one believes that’s right. And if infants for some lunatic reason are brought into the debate over the options for changing their gender, sooner or later some enraged parent is going to kick down doors to “discuss” the issue with the person involved. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already, maybe because teachers themselves know it’s wrong and unacceptable and at heart want nothing to do with it.

And first and foremost, Sturgeon, Slater and Harvie can introduce any new law they like but women are NEVER going to accept sharing female changing rooms with members of the human race with male genitals, no matter how they choose to dress.

This will never be accepted at venues like the Inverness leisure centre. If laws are changed then this only needs to happen once. The reaction would reverberate throughout the building. Staff might be unable to control it. Women can be fiercer than men when provoked and a man dressed as a woman would cause all hell to break loose in female changing rooms when he undressed.

Take the case of the leisure centre as just an example. If a small changing room had to be built for those who identify as trans women some people would be unhappy that funds were being diverted to do that. It would mean a relatively small reduction in money available for facilities used by everyone else who goes there. But we could surely live with that, and the feelings of the miniscule number of trans people affected by this would be treated with consideration and respect.

It’s called compromise.

No trans women in top level sport, none of the trans propaganda in primary schools, and no men claiming to be women in female changing rooms.

If the trans people and Sturgeon and co accepted these restrictions and modifications to their demands then everything else would pass people by and trans people could get on with living how they liked. There would be no acrimony and nothing much to debate.

But Lorna Slater and those of her ilk seem determined to stir this up at every opportunity, rather than modify their views and seek general accord.

Their reasons for doing this are completely unclear. The vast majority of people have no prejudice or ill feeling against trans people in this enlightened day and age.

It’s the perverse and divisive attitude of Sturgeon, Slater and Harvie that sickens and alienates them.

2 thoughts on “Shrill Canadian Slater stirs up division on an issue getting far more attention than it deserves

  1. She is trying to keep herself relevant as she is not able to get any plaudits for her ‘real’ job of running Scotland’s green skills, circular economy and biodiversity. Which is a shame as Nicola had to go out of her way to co-opt her into the cabinet to provide these wide ranging skills as it appears that there is no similar highly qualified person in the SNP MSP ranks to manage these demanding roles.


  2. With reference to schools and in particular the SNP , I think parents need to pay particular attention to what is being said in primary class ,recently a friend informed me that a 8/9 year old pupil in a primary school on the South West side of the city came home and announced that Boris Johnston should be sacked ,I wonder who was giving her that information (was it a teacher if it was they should be sacked )
    Is this what our scumbags in the SNP are up to ,spread their evil thoughts into these young innocent minds
    Krankie is an old hand at this type of canvassing she is always seen with the young mothers and kiddies for a photo shoot probably handing out SNP balloons
    All of this just confirms they are not interested in the older generation as they do not generate votes for them ,it makes you think is that the reason the NHS waiting lists are in such a state , their Moto is don’t worry about the older people they are not scumbags SNP voters ,and don’t worry about the care home residents,it is so obvious ,and endorsed by Krankie and Greasy Angus Robertson when they said the SNP due to the demographics have time on their side,
    Shame on them the communist scum that they are ,maybe they will not have time on their side soon we hope
    The sooner we get rid of them the better
    Krankie is back on the Boris sacking trail ,she is hoping we all have forgotten about the ferry waste of money fiasco ,and her COVID shambles ,out she comes again for more grand entrances to parliament especially with the May elections coming off ,no shame in her ,what a hard neck ,plus her expense of going to Prince Philip s service in London with Peter Muddell ,who eased back in to his first appearance out since the Magpie saga ,what a cheek
    , after all they say about the English ,however their visit was low key and the press rightly so did not give them any coverage ,no Krankie grand entrances!
    Thought we might have heard about the missing £600000 SNP supporters money , still no word of it, I think Krankie needs to get Interpol involved you never know it could be in Portugal on some place like that.


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