Crackpot plan for 16-year-old MPs

by Colin Campbell

I HAVE a young relative who will very shortly turn 13. Becoming a teenager is a special milestone and it’s intended that she should enjoy a special birthday celebration to match.

I hope she enjoys the freedom and lack of responsibility that goes with it.

Because if things take a more serious turn and she evolves into another young Greta Thunberg, she could in three years time be elected as an MP.

There is, of course, only one Greta Thunberg, thank goodness. This kid has attracted a huge juvenile following with her dire predictions of the imminent end of the world. One of the high points for Scotland’s First Minister at the Cop26 event in Glasgow was catching a selfie with her. As she was pictured bumping elbows with Nicola Sturgeon, one of the pair looked starstruck. And it wasn’t Greta Thunberg.

Maybe it was Sturgeon’s adulation of her that has led to the SNP announcing that they want laws changed to allow 16-year-olds to be able to stand for parliament.

What can anyone say about this? Other than question why Sturgeon and co are seemingly more determined than ever to devise policies which the vast majority of people find crazy.

Are 16-year-olds old enough to become MPs?

The answer is no.

Any rational person would accept that without a moment’s hesitation, for a host of blindingly obvious reasons.

The SNP wants 16-year-old to become MPs.

The next question is why the SNP come up with such crackpot schemes and try and open them to public debate.

In a normal country, that is where one party didn’t have a cult following, these notions would see them wiped out. But this is Scotland, the SNP do have a cult following, and they can say and do virtually anything without putting even a dent in the slavish loyalty and devotion of their followers.

If the SNP can’t or isn’t likely to see 16-year-old MPs elected anytime soon, they are wholly insistent that 16-year-olds should be given the vote.

It is easier to understand the reasons for that. They believe that song and dance and face paint parades will lure them into supporting independence.

With no knowledge or experience of serious financial matters like jobs and mortgages, they will ask no difficult questions and just gyrate their way to the voting booths.

Or so the SNP think.

No wonder many regard them as such a sickening bunch of cynics, and utterly detestable in so many ways.

Sturgeon and co are determined to see men dressed as women being able to freely access female changing rooms in venues like the Inverness leisure centre.

Now they are proposing a society where we have 16-year-old MPs to try and curry favour with the “youth vote”.

What will they come up with next?

And will there ever come a point in Transgender Transphobia 16-year-old MP SNP Scotland where they cease getting away with it?

One thought on “Crackpot plan for 16-year-old MPs

  1. How very true on your thoughts about sixteen year olds becoming MPs , surely all the decent majority of people in Scotland can see through Dictator Krankie Sturgeon and she what she is up too the devious Communist ,don’t let her get away with it and vote her out when the time comes along with all her scumbags and don’t support them in the May Elections either
    Getting back to her young sixteen year old MSPs don’t forget that is the same young people she told us about not so long ago that were unable to go to prison if they broke the law until they were 25 years of age ,as their brain is not fully developed ,what on earth is she talking about I think she makes it up as she goes along ,just the same as she says everyone should wear a mask ,except her of course when she goes to the barbers
    The sooner Scotland gets rid of the Dictator Krankie Sturgeon and all her scumbags MPs the better,and then we all will have a chance to have a decent country which will be run by a government which is not full of communist
    As I have said previously if Krankie is not happy living in the UK let her go to Russia with all her £6 Aldi kilt followers,and see how long they last there,
    No chance of that happening Krankie would have no more grand entrances to Parliament or chances to sit with young mothers and kids giving out SNP balloons while Peter Muddell sits at home watching the magpies out of the window,thinking about his holidays to Portugal.


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