Councillors refuse to throw women out of work to appease holier than thou SNP hypocrites

by Colin Campbell

I ANTICIPATED the decision might go the other way, but councillors on Monday refused to force the closure of the Private Eyes so called “sex entertainment venue” in Academy Street, Inverness.

This may be seen as a “sensitive issue” in the current censorious climate, where so many people are hunting around for things to be offended by.

But it’s only as “sensitive” as you’re willing to accept it to be.

The banning intent across Scotland emanates from the SNP Transgender Transphobia Party. The same crew who are vehement in support of women’s rights, except when it comes to men dressed as women being able to freely access female changing rooms at venues like the Inverness leisure centre.

They are pressing right ahead with legislation to enable that to happen. And anyone who opposes this outright madness risks being branded “transphobic”, currently the ultimate thought crime in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

The agenda for banning venues like Private Eyes is based on the belief that women who work there are being “exploited”.

That they are incapable of making a judgement on whether they want to work there freely by choice, and are too dim witted to realise they are being “exploited”.

The banning brigade want to lead them onto the right path by throwing them out of their jobs.

They are not assisting these women.

They are insulting their intelligence.

I’ve never had word of what goes on in this place but my assumption based on what I’ve heard about it, or more pertinently what I’ve not heard about it, is “not much”.

After being in operation in a relatively small place like Inverness for five or six years if it was a hotbed of salacious sex and lust I think word would have leaked out about it by now.

Venues like Private Eyes don’t raise an eyebrow in other countries across Sturgeon’s beloved EU.

But in Scotland elements within the SNP insist they should be banned.

These chancers and charlatans claim they are “inclusive” and “enlightened” .

Then act like holier than thou hypocrites.

Women whose place of work is Private Eyes yesterday expressed their relief that they will not lose their jobs.

And credit is due to councillors who stood up for their right to continue working there.

My personal knowledge of such venues is not extensive, but after more than five decades of adulthood it is not non existent either.

I exclude Private Eyes from a final observation.

But when goggle eyed punters venture into such places after having a drink or three, yes, some within these establishments may be ripe for a form of “exploitation”.

And it’s not the women.

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