Sturgeon can’t dodge her promise to come up with answers on independence much longer

by Colin Campbell

YESTERDAY I said I’d pay a lot for a ticket for a big Rangers match. How much more would I pay for a ringside seat to watch the demolition of the SNP, or at least the shady, secretive, borderline sinister cabal that runs it.

Let’s face it. If they ever gain their ultimate ambition they’ll rob us of our pensions, crash the value of our properties and drive the country into poverty in any case.

So what value would money, in an unknown currency, have anyway?

It didn’t happen at the council elections, but no one expected it to.

They held their ground but they didn’t make any advances of any real significance either.

So they’re as far away from another referendum as ever.

And that means it’s still very distant indeed.

Promises, promises, promises…Nicola Sturgeon yesterday with some of those she’s marched up to the top of the hill yet again.

In the Highlands the SNP gained three seats, and the Conservatives ended up with the same number of councillors as they had last time around, which meant the return of the reasonable and moderate face of the SNP as represented by councillors like Bill Boyd, Ken Gowans and Emma Knox.

Isabelle Mackenzie, former Arts group chairwoman and the leading proponent of the reviled Gathering Place, was re-elected for the Tories. Let’s hope she has learned her lesson from the bruising criticism she received during her last term in office and steers clear of any vanity projects which are wildly unpopular with the public. I suspect she will be rather more inclined to keep her head down from now on.

Nine fewer Independent candidates were elected. This regrettably meant the loss of Ron MacWilliam, who quit the SNP after a dispute with The Regime, and stood as an Independent. Always willing to challenge and question the council hierarchy and demand public openness and accountability, he will be missed.

Leading Gathering Place campaigner Helen Smith, who raised a 3,000 strong petition against the madness of installing a £300,000 concrete slab on a natural riverside beauty spot, also missed out as an Independent. I spent quite a few hours out leafletting for the first time for Helen Smith. She would have made a fine councillor. But she is quietly involved in other initiatives to enhance life on the west of the river and I’ve no doubt this minor setback will cause no great interruption to that.

But as always at polling time everything leads back to Sturgeon and her “indyref2” pledges to the faithful.

She has said she will release her much delayed “prospectus for independence” after the elections. This is apparently intended to provide answers to a host of questions on what her independence plan would involve. Maybe we’ll even learn what currency an independent Scotland would use. Or who would pay our pensions.

Or more likely we won’t, at least not in any adequate detail.

Sturgeon and Co don’t care about detail. Neither apparently do many SNP supporters. Vast numbers of people in the housing estates of Dundee and Glasgow are content to accept SNP assurances that their benefits after independence would soar.

A racist element among the nationalists just don’t like English people, the “tyrannical oppressors”. Others think the temporary presence of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is a good enough reason for ripping apart the UK.

But the council elections provided no trace of assurance that there are sufficient numbers of independence supporters to ensure a referendum win for Sturgeon.

And if she does try and push ahead with an illegal referendum without the necessary Westminster permission, councils not run by the SNP,  which after the elections still means most of them, would almost certainly refuse to participate in it.

So another election milestone has passed and Sturgeon will now come under still more pressure from her supporters to act. And after eight years, action on indyref2 rather than endless promises has been shown as not being her strongpoint.

So no ringside seat for the demolition of the SNP this time. But who knows what the future holds for this feuding, fractious bastion of hatred, grievance and seething impatience and discontent.

Of course as yet no one expects them to disintegrate or implode as their march towards independence leads absolutely nowhere.

But then three or four years ago, no one would ever have imagined that Rangers would be in a European football final either.

One thought on “Sturgeon can’t dodge her promise to come up with answers on independence much longer

  1. I see Communist Krankie Sturgeon just to make sure she might squeeze a few extra votes managed to get her photo in the media after she voted at the polling station and of course who was with her , surprise , surprise , the one and only Peter the Magpie . Muddell himself ,making his second public appearance since his Magpie interview ,not a bit of shame in them , any normal person would hide away from the limelight, but not much chance of that with them
    I see Druthy Drew Hendry is not content with his salary and expenses plus of course trips abroad with drinks included ,all funded by our UK Government , he is now keeping it in the family ,with I believe his wife being elected as a councillor , how greedy can you get , not much chance of him on benefits ,the greed of him

    Dictator Krankie Sturgeon I see will not be giving out commemorative books to our school children to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee , what right has our Communist Dictator Krankie Sturgeon to do this ,shame on her , all of course political , why should she decide if the books are given to the children or not I am quite sure the children would be delighted to get one of these books . Why is this allowed to happen what right has she to do this apart from pure wickedness and to cause division in the UK
    Of course this is the same Dictator Krankie along with her husband Peter The Magpie , who went down to Westminster Abbey all expenses paid to The Duke of Edinburghs memorial service , you must admit how sincere the scumbags are ,plus of course she did not have a mask with her , not Krankie it’s only you and I who had to wear them at the time not her !!
    Her day will come and the sooner the better she is at home watching the Magpies out of the window with Peter the Magpie Muddell
    Krankie is getting very forgetful in her old age she has forgot all about the Bikes and Computers for the kids and of course she has not got a clue where all that COVID money to help businesses from our U K Government has gone , a lot of it just seemed to have vanished ,just like the papers that were signed for the building of the ferries , I honestly think it’s these Magpies again flying away to Portugal with everything.
    Any word yet on the missing money donated to Krankies SNP by the £6 Lidl kilt supporters ,is the police any nearer finding it yet , it’s probably laundered by now and away to some place like Portugal

    Disappointed Krankies bus did not make it up to Inverness for the campaign it probably ran out of red diesel ,and Humpty Dumpty Blackford could not be contacted to take a can of it down from the croft in Skye , another reason it never came up I am told was that there is a lot of sheep in lamb in fields at the side of the A9 ,and farmers were frightened that if the sheep saw the big yellow bus with Krankie Sturgeon face on it , it would frighten the ewes and they might abort their lambs so on the advice of Rosie Cheeked Freeby Fergus Ewing they cancelled Krankies trip up North.


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