Emotions run riot in the countdown to Seville

A big week ahead for the beautiful Spanish city of Seville.
by Colin Campbell

I SPEND quite a lot of time at the moment on a website brimming with a range of human emotions – temptation, anxiety, anguish, triumph and apprehension.

Yes, these days the premier Rangers fan site, “Follow Follow” is the place to be.

Temptation at the prospect of shelling out in excess of £2,000 for a ticket for next Wednesday’s Europa League final in Seville.

Anxiety that the money if paid over to a ticket agency won’t be gambled and lost in a con trick.

Anguish among those who have been metaphorically bludgeoned by a rolling pin and told they simply cannot go.

Triumph among those who believe they have everything, ticket, flights and accommodation, signed and sealed, done and dusted.

Apprehension among some of those making the expensive trip and wondering what lies ahead.

Follow, Follow they will, and all life is there.

I’ve told here already of my crushing sense of disappointment when my £290 purchase of a ticket for last Thursday’s momentous semi final match fell through.

The hammer blow of that happening if you’ve taken the plunge and gone in over your head by spending nearly 10 times that amount is too awful to contemplate.

Many supporters are resigned, calmly or otherwise, to the fact that this is a “once in a lifetime” trip they just won’t be making.

Many others are going without tickets to what I know as the pretty city of Seville which is ready to greet them, probably with an army of notoriously brutal Spanish police assembling in barracks for pre-match training just about now.

I was at the last Rangers Euro final in Manchester in 2008 and was an eyewitness to the massed ranks of riot police thumping their truncheons on their shields as they slowly advanced, pushing back brazen hooligans who threw missiles at them from close range.

It is very well known that their Spanish counterparts have a very much swifter and harsher way of dealing with people they believe have stepped out of line, and aren’t too bothered if their victims include those who haven’t.

Around 100,000 Eintracht Frankfurt fans have applied for tickets and the vast majority are liable to travel with or without them. The German club have a very large and notorious hooligan element to bring to the party.

Will events go smoothly? No one wishes to be a harbinger of doom. This is a huge event for Rangers and for Scottish football, although some curmudgeons do not wish their fellow Scots well, and hopefully it will be remembered only for the triumph and joy of victory. But the omens do not look all that great.

With the welter of emotions this has caused and the sleepless nights faced by many I do wonder at the back of my mind if it would be better Rangers had never made it to the final at all. But such a thought is heresy.

I’ll spend the next week on Follow Follow, reading updates on something of seismic national importance (no less) that’s actually going to happen next Wednesday, rather than on media websites pouring out endless drivel about Sturgeon and her distant if ever referendum.

One thought on “Emotions run riot in the countdown to Seville

  1. The majority of tickets should only be sold to true fans who have followed their teams throughout the season, issued through the football clubs competing in the final.


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