by Colin Campbell

THE Herald website went somewhat overboard yesterday and at one point displayed more than a dozen articles relating directly or indirectly to independence.

Normally they manage to restrain themselves to around 10.

There’s a reason for this of course.

Articles which are about independence and which are based on conjecture and speculation without a hard fact to be found anywhere usually attract scores of comments underneath, which at least suggests they are widely read and are of interest to people.

Articles which are not about independence attract very few comments and might appear to be just skimmed over.

With a tumbling circulation of little more than 10,000, smaller than when I was editor of the Highland News back in the 1980s, the skeleton staff keeping the US owned paper alive have to try and attract readers and subscribers to their website somehow.

So they follow the independence talking point route and seem more obsessed with it than Nicola Sturgeon.

Nothing – and I include the lukewarm council elections – happened yesterday or in the preceding days to merit much lineage about independence.

And in fairness to Nicola Sturgeon, not something often said here, it often seems she’s only a bit part player – although a cunning, malicious and devious one – in fomenting the sound and fury of the independence debate.

The main driving force is the media, or at least sections of it, which uses it as “clickbait” to try in desperation to attract readers.

I don’t subscribe to the Herald, a once proud paper which could expire tomorrow without causing a moment’s regret to me, so I was unable to read what was said about independence. But how many of those who do subscribe could have waded through this swamp of pretty worthless speculation without getting weary of the effort and giving in halfway through?

And what of the comments, which are accessible to non subscribers? The numbers are deceptive. They mainly comprise the same people, maybe 100 or a few more, repeating their differing views over and over again, and squabbling among themselves.

Outside a relatively small bubble I do wonder how many people are all that interested. The concerns of the world at large, or people the length and breadth of Scotland, are not reflected by the content of the Herald and other media websites.

I meet people here and there and I can’t remember the last time a conversation strayed on to the subject of independence. It just doesn’t happen.

It would or at least might if there was something new or fresh to talk about. But there isn’t and hasn’t been for months.

A new “push for independence” pledge by Sturgeon. An insistence that the SNP have a new “mandate for independence” after last week’s council elections.

I suspect the majority, probably the vast majority of people would be as likely to read reports on that as they would be to sit watching paint dry.

Something new has to emerge to grab people’s attention again. Sturgeon is capable of springing surprises but the impression she gives is that she is jaded by it all and has run out of ideas.

So the Herald and other newspaper can feature multifarious articles about independence and it may help them survive a bit longer.

But if it wasn’t for the endlessly over-hyped media coverage, the issue would these days be half dead in the water.


  1. I see The Dictator Krankie Sturgeon is going on a state visit to America all of course funded by us the taxpayers, this is despite her being told another referendum would be illegal , what a total waste and abuse of money and we all just sit back and let her .
    She is supposed to be giving talks on Scotlands future after independence, I suppose Peter the Magpie Muddell will be going as well , can you imagine the two of them at the airport Krankie looking like a wasp in her new yellow rimmed SNP glasses and him with the shiny bald head and the yellow tie looking like an overfed canary , or maybe a Magpie , I wonder if he will be wearing the kilt when he is over there ,I cannot say I have seen a Murrell or a Sturgeon tartan not even in the Lidl middle isle ,which is very strange .
    Perhaps Krankie could give a lecture on How to tell lies and get away with it or how to be the most hated person in Government in Scotland and still get elected by the £6 Lidl kilt supporters .
    I am sure the Dictator Sturgeon will be telling everyone about her success with the Scottish economy ,and how she managed to waste billions on disasters like the two ferries not built yet the smelter at Fort William ,Prestwick Airport , to name just a few ,she will also tell about the wonderful job she has made of the NHS ,and it will even be better with Hamza Useless at the helm ,he has not got a clue ,and of course our education , which she told us to judge her on ! Plus drug problems , our police service and justice system , Krankie says we should not put anyone in prison who is under 25 as their brain is not fully developed , however she says these same teenagers can vote for the SNP and perhaps become MPs and sit with Krankie in Holyrood ,their brain is fully developed for that , have you ever heard such rubbish as that ,she could also tell them that she feels a bit like Paul Daniels now with the way she can make UK Government money for Scottish businesses disappear and also papers relating to the ferry fiasco and of course the £600000 from her own supporters hard earned cash all gone , in fact she is better than Paul Daniels , I wonder where all that money is ?
    Peter the Magpie could also give a couple of lectures on the tour one on , The habits and features of the Magpies while watching them from my window , and another one on How to be economy with the truth when being questioned while watching Magpies at the same time .
    I wonder will Krankie be calling in at China or North Korea on the way home , She could enquire about the order for laptops and bikes she promised our school children some time ago still not delivered yet ,maybe she could start an Independence Movement in these countries and see how she gets on ,or better still I suggest they stay in one of these countries and we all will be rid of them and their communist ideas.
    I am sure the media will be giving plenty of coverage to Krankies state visit ,especially for all the wrong reasons , maybe the BBC will have her pal Glenn Campbell waiting at the airport on her return for a full interview .
    Our American friends should tell Krankie the Dictator go home stop wasting taxpayers money unnecessary on jollies with Peter the Magpie , and stop playing at being something you are not ,leave that to our official real Government in Westminster .
    Go home and sort out the shambles you have created in Scotland now.


  2. You are correct Colin
    It is npt a topic of conversation etween famy or criends or even close acquaintances. It is only in the media and SNP bubble. Most folk not interested and majority will vote no if in the off chance another referendum takes place.


  3. By the look of thinks in the press this weekend Peter the Magpie Muddell would be well advised to stay at home ,in case he needs to be interviewed by police he might be able to shed light on the £6 Lidl kilt supporters money £600000 ,things are moving now , maybe that’s why The Dictator Krankie is going off to America, out of the way .
    I think that money is well away by now maybe turned into euros in some country like Portugal or a place like that.
    Krankie must think that people are fools and really she is insulting their intelligence with her explanation of the missing money.
    How on earth do they get away with everything , this could be a criminal case when it is all fully investigated , mind you the SNP are like a teflon frying pan absolutely nothing sticks on them except lies and deceit by them all .
    I see Michael Matheson as usual looks very interested when Krankie is speaking in Parliament ,he is always texting all the time she speaks , don’t know why he sits there as he is not listening to a thing that is being said or debated , mind you I doubt if he ,like the rest of them make any worthwhile comments anyway . But he does look to me to be on another planet all the time I see time .
    I think myself he got the phone as a Christmas present and the novelty has yet to ware off .
    Trust the BBC will send a party out to America to accompany Dictator Krankie on her taxpayers money wasting trip all expenses paid by the hard working taxpayers , Dictator Krankie and Peter the Magpie certainly have no call for foodbanks .
    Anyway looking forward to Glenn Campbell interview with Krankie in her SNP wasp glasses anytime soon , I bet he never mentions the missing money to her , no the BBC are well and truly in Krankies pocket .


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