Sturgeon joins holiday exodus for a selfie spree in the United States

by Colin Campbell

NICOLA Sturgeon is joining the mass post covid holiday exodus, when she jets off to the USA.  It’s likely she’ll have a very pleasant and relaxing time.

Of course there will be protests about this. But as First Minister of Scotland, she’s probably entitled to indulge herself in a freebie trip now and again.

We know the script in advance. First and foremost, Stateside selfies galore. She will meet a few low grade US politicians who will have been briefed by their staff in advance on who she is and what she does, she will appear on a couple of morning TV talk shows, and she will make a speech to an assembled audience in which she will toss in a reference to independence.

Back home the National and other independence supporting papers will claim that she bedazzled those she met and as a result significant senators and congressmen in the US have “indicated support” for Scotland breaking away from the rest of the UK.

They may stop short of asserting that when Boris Johnson refuses Sturgeon a section 30 order for indyref2 Joe Biden will step in and demand that he accedes to her request, but not by much.

Critics have insisted that Queen Nicola would be doing the country a much better service by staying at home to try and deal with the problems here rather than jetting off to flounce around the USA.

That’s a legitimate view. But she’s here the rest of the time, these problems exist, and she’s proved herself either incapable or not interested in dealing with them.

So in essence, what part of the globe Sturgeon’s in at any particular part of the time doesn’t really matter. She’s as much good in Tallahassee or Timbuctoo as she is here.

Her jaunt comes on the back of another supposed election “triumph” for the SNP. The run of the mill grind now facing SNP councillors on mending potholes and trying to balance impossibly overstretched budgets is a world away from Queen Nicola and her retinue gliding around glamorous venues in the United States.

Feelings are widespread that her trip is also a personal marketing exercise to raise her profile in the elite job market when her time comes to give it all up and head for pastures new.

If she does receive strong hints of a few enticing job offers, that would indeed be a bonus for us all. I suspect that every time these come along, at a time when the grievance and hostility towards her from many of her own supporters for failing spectacularly to deliver on the independence dream is reaching new heights, they become more and more tempting.

So all in all Sturgeon’s US trip is nothing to get energised over, or angered by.

She may spread a ripple of interest about the “independence issue” across the pond.

But after eight long years the Broadway star has done nothing to advance it by one dead cent here.

One thought on “Sturgeon joins holiday exodus for a selfie spree in the United States

  1. When in America Krankie could look for a job as an actor as she has an excellent CV for it,she could star in a couple of films , maybe a couple spring to mind , how about
    “Running a Communist SNP with the BBC in my pocket” or ” Sacked Despite a Brass Neck”
    Peter the Magpie Muddell could also star in a couple of films maybe , say ” DICK TURPIN” and ” How to be economical with the truth while watching Magpies out my Window ”
    All fees and royalties from the film’s could be given to the £6 Lidl kilt supporters to help make up some of the missing money from the £600000 they gave to the independence fund in the SNP
    I still cannot think what happened to that money , Magpies spring to mind !


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