Footballer comes out as gay. Media goes into raptures, fans couldn’t care less

by Colin Campbell
Jake Daniels.

AN English league footballer announced he’s gay and yesterday it was deemed to merit three separate stories on the Guardian website. If he’d announced he was transgender they’d have probably devoted the entire sports section to it.

By contrast the historic Rangers match was written up and signed off in one article.

Such are the sporting priorities in sections of the media these days.

The problem is, they cannot explain them rationally.

The fact that a player says he’s gay is decidedly not a talking point in football fans forums the length and breadth of the country. On those I’ve seen it unsurprisingly doesn’t rate a mention.

It’s the media that’s making a big issue of this. The same media that insists, quite rightly, that “it’s normal to be gay”.

So if it’s normal, why are they making such a big issue of it?

They’re tying themselves in knots.

The tone of articles written about the player involved elevates him to heroic status for “coming out”. As one headline put it: “Jake Daniels coming out gay is a beautiful moment which could change football forever.”

Oh really? Who writes this kind of rapturous tripe? Peter Tatchell? The late Barbara Cartland?

I’ve no doubt the vast majority of fans couldn’t care less whether Daniels comes out or stays in.

A few years ago this would have been meat and drink to rival fans who would have showered him with abuse. But times have drastically changed. Now in most grounds supporters still break out into applause when players continue with the “take the knee” nonsense in deference to the politically motivated Black Lives Matter extremists.

Maybe from now on the gay footballer will be given a standing ovation at stadiums also, while players take the knee for him and his “bravery”.

On football discussion programmes and on BBC Question Time those taking part will be falling over themselves to praise his courage, of that you can be certain.

While football fans, the people who pay to watch their clubs, are indifferent and regard it as yet another outbreak of wildly overblown media hype.

It’s a virtual certainty that the player will be allowed to get on with his match performance without suffering any “gay abuse”.

There was a time when that would have occurred, but no more.

He may indeed be embarrassed by the fulsome attention this has received and the media tributes paid to him, oozing adulation.

Sometimes it seems the main aim of clubs these days is not to win matches but to be seen as “all inclusive”. LBQTI+ United will be the pride of football soon.


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