Nadine Dorries puts these over promoted numpties to shame

by Colin Campbell

DREW Hendry, the best MP on Twitter Inverness has ever had, features on his site a video clip of UK Government minister Nadine Dorries misspeaking at a committee meeting in parliament. Underneath the question is posed: “Is there anyone in any walk of life who has been so irresponsibly promoted beyond their ability?”

Nadine Dorries.

Well there have been a few.

Nicola Sturgeon, former lawyer, now in charge of running all of Scotland’s trains and ferries.

Kate Forbes, former trainee accountant, now in charge of Scotland’s finances.

Ian Blackford, simple 10 acres crofter and luxury Range Rover collecter, now SNP leader at Westminster.

Kristen Oswald, former local weightwatchers club organiser, now deputy SNP leader at Westminster.

Patrick Harvie, former creepy, weird little man, now Scottish Government minister.

Lorna Slater, shrill Canadian of unknown origins, now Scottish Government minister.

Fergus Ewing, son of famous woman, now Scottish Government minister.

Mhairi Black, former Glasgow gang girl, feared leader of the Drumchapel LBQTI+ Young Team, now SNP MP.

Drew Hendry, former chairman of Highland Council park railings maintenance committee, now SNP Shadow Trade Secretary.

Majority of SNP politicians, former councillors, now money grubbing snouts in the trough parasites and “independence supporting” con artists at Holyrood and Westminster.

The list could go on and on and on. But these are just some of the more obvious examples that spring to mind.

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