Never mind the rail crisis, Hendry and SNP are fixated on a little Ruskie plane that took off from Dalcross three months ago

by Colin Campbell

NO-ONE can say the SNP don’t always have their fingers on the pulse, or the joystick.

Transport spokesman Gavin Newlands and Inverness MP Drew Hendy have written to the UK Government demanding answers on why a private plane flew from Inverness Airport to Moscow on February 26, two days after Russia invaded Ukraine.

One minute the plane was on the runway.

And the next the wheels started rolling and it took off into the wild blue yonder. As planes, including Russian ones do, never to be heard off here again. Until now.

It was allowed to depart in apparent breach of regulations and Newlands and Hendry are determined to leave no Dalcross stone unturned to find answers about this major issue.

Their letter follows a report in the Press and Journal (hold the front page!) which uncovered a memo confirming that the UK government gave the flight authorisation, even after the Transport Secretary accused Inverness airport of “failing to comply” with regulations.

Hendry said: “The UK Transport Secretary must answer the pressing questions over why this flight was allowed to take off and who and what was on it. These are important questions following a raft of reports showing how much Russian money is swilling about Tory coffers.”

Newlands said:  “The public deserve clear and transparent answers immediately – otherwise suspicion will understandably grow over why the UK Tory government has allowed private flights with Russian citizens, wealth and assets to flee to Moscow at a time when only humanitarian flights should have been permitted.”

It took off three months ago and a lot has happened since then, but their pursuit of truth goes on. And little wonder. This has been the subject of endless public speculation and concern ever since. Hasn’t it?

I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I’ve had about it. Because there haven’t been any. I’d guarantee that there is not one single person maybe outwith Inverness Airport – and maybe not even there – who has given one second’s thought to this in the past three months.

But Drew Hendry and the Scottish Transport Minister clearly consider it a major priority.

It’s obviously escaped their attention that there are transport issues now considered rather more important than a private plane taking off from Dalcross three months ago.


While he’s hot on the case over a plane take-off from Dalcross in February, maybe Drew Hendry should also take the time and trouble to write to Nicola Sturgeon seeking answers on why the last train out of Inverness station now leaves nearly three hours earlier than was the case before the rail service was nationalised by the SNP on April 1.

And why a third of services have been axed, which is extremely bad news for Inverness and the Highlands, particularly at the start of the tourist season.

And on the level of disruption this will cause to rail services and thousands of passengers from Inverness.

What are the chances of Hendry also raising these vitally important issues with Sturgeon as she now steers the nationalised rail service towards disaster?

Pigs would fly first. He’s more likely to be struck by a meteor.

If ALL services from Inverness were cancelled this servile SNP sycophant wouldn’t even raise a murmur of protest about it. What a pathetic bunch these money-grubbing SNP chancers are.

Never mind if you’re left wandering around the concourse at Inverness railway station wondering when, or if, your planned train will actually leave it.

Drew Hendry and the SNP Transport minister are hot on the case over this Ruskie plane that took off on February 26, and we can be assured they will strive to the best of their ability to extract the answers that everyone so eagerly, desperately wants to know.

  •  A correspondent writes:I have have heard a rumour that Ian Blackford has suggested to Nicola Sturgeon that due to ScotRail staffing shortages he will drive the overnight sleeper from Kyle of Lochalsh down to London. He says he can drive the Fergie tractor on the croft so he could easily manage the train. However ScotRail did a risk assessment and said no, because he would not manage to fit in the train driver’s door. To go down as a passenger in the sleeper was also not recommended as he needs a king size bed, and all sleepers are single beds.
      ScotRail did come up with a solution that he could go down by train but they would need to put him in the guard’s van with the bikes and parcels, and livestock if any.
      Ian Blackford has apparently not made his mind up yet as to what he will do, as he really wants to help Nicola out and also cut down on his expenses.

2 thoughts on “Never mind the rail crisis, Hendry and SNP are fixated on a little Ruskie plane that took off from Dalcross three months ago

  1. With reference the above story and about Fat Blackford taking the train down to London (if this is true ) , Druthy Drew Hendry could join the train at Inverness and also travel in the guards van ,but rail staff would have to make sure that the refreshment buffet person could access the guards van with a supply of beer and spirit s for the way down ( Just like the Gibraltar trip Hendry had ) plus of course ScotRail would need to contact a sandwich wholesaler to arrange at least two dozen sandwichs for Blackford to eat on the way down
    If this planned new mode of transport works as it should ,all the other SNP Pretender MPs could join the train at Glasgow Central ,however ScotRail would need to put on another guards van at Glasgow .Think of all the saving to the UK Government this would make .
    Only reservation I would have about this is the return journey at the end of the week Krankies nationalised ScotRail could be on strike and all the SNP PMs would be stuck in the guards van at Central Station , for how long is anybodys guess .
    No word yet about all the missing money , probably Peter the Magpie Muddell will be letting all the £6 Lidl kilt supporters know soon .


  2. How convenient for the Dictator Krankie Sturgeon having COVID ,she will be quite happy at home until all the huge problems with ScotRail die down ,and of course the ferries fiasco that’s for sure , she will spin it out at home as long as she can just now.

    Only consolation is we might not see any grand entrances to Holyrood for a while til ScotRail is sorted.

    Funny initially she said she had mild symptoms then as things about cancelled rail journeys heated up she then said she was knocked for SIX , well can we tell her she has also knocked the hard working people of Scotland for SIX as well with her handling of

    The Ferries fiascos , The Trains that don’t travel , The NHS Service , The Police , Education in Scotland , The big Drug problem.
    Yes the list goes on and on and still the Communist Krankie thinks she is doing a great job and everybody loves her , and her SNP Pretender MPs with public money disappearing that fast without trace ,you would think Paul Daniels had been working for her ,in fact he would not have made money disappear as quick as Krankie and Peter the Magpie Muddell can .

    PS I am still looking for a Sturgeon or Blackford Tartan. Masks or Tie , cannot fine them anywhere , and yes before anyone says it ,I have tried Lidls middle isle and all the Charity Shops but found nothing .
    Good Old Krankie she certainly takes the biscuit


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