Mhairi Black ties the knot. Hopefully marriage will calm the foul mouthed harridan down

by Colin Campbell

CONTROVERSIAL SNP MP Mhairi Black yesterday married her partner, Katie.

As is customary when a couple tie the knot, we wish them joy unconfined, and a long and happy life together.

Hopefully marriage will calm Black down.

Amid the bucks fizz and confetti celebration, it may or may not be appropriate to point out that Mhairi Black has earned her prominence in the nationalist movement, an idol for some, through being a foul mouthed harridan who has never hesitated for an instant to make her contempt bordering on hatred for Unionists and those who disagree with her all too clear.

In thuggish sounding speeches not short on expletives she may have fired up her fellow zealots and fanatics but she has come across as unpleasant bordering on repulsive to those of us who take a different view on tearing the UK apart.

And she has often deliberately and provocatively courted extreme controversy, the most notable example being the occasion when she brought along a “drag artist’ called ‘Flo job” to speak to young primary school pupils in her constiuency.

When parents protested she fired back with claims that they were guilty of the ultimate sin in SNP Scotland these days, “transphobia”.

Glowing accounts of Black’s nuptials appeared across the media, oozing warmth and joy.  When it comes to Mhairi Black, warmth and joy are not foremost among the feelings many have for her, now or any other time.

We do hope marriage calms her down, although there’s probably little chance of that, and if she’s determined to wreck and ruin Scotland through independence, that from here on in she tries to do it in a more restrained and civilised way.

On which subject, Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie are due to launch what is described as a “scene setter” for independence.

Whatever scene this sets we can be assured it will contain no answers on currency, pensions, the effects on savings and mortgages, the deficit, the prospect of a hard border between Scotland and the rest of the UK, how the extra £2,000 a head in public spending people in Scotland get compared with folk in England would be compensated for, how a new army, navy and airforce would be paid for, and so much else besides.

Nevertheless, under orders from The Regime, Drew Hendry, Ian Blackford and the rest of the SNP snouts in the trough money grubbing chancers will seize on it and proclaim it as the beginning of the big push for independence. As they’ve done repeatedly before. But having heard it so often before, even some of their endlessly gullible supporters are beginning to peel off and express discontent over promise after broken promise.

In their joint vision for life in an independent Scotland, will Sturgeon and Harvie be able to restrain themselves from launching into their other joint obsessions, unisex toilets in primary schools, transgender rights and enabling men dressed as women to legally access female changing rooms? Surely not.

One is as weird as the other, and put them together and they’re just liable to lead each other on.

One thought on “Mhairi Black ties the knot. Hopefully marriage will calm the foul mouthed harridan down

  1. With reference to the wedding , I wonder was Trainee Accountant Kate Forbes there and did she give the wedding her blessing to the happy couple
    I wonder what The Trainee Accountant views are on The Uni Sex toilets proposed for our schools ,and of course Gay marriage in general, it would be interesting to hear her thoughts ,bearing in mind her strong Christian beliefs , how could she be associated with these people ,who do not fit in to normal society , the Scumbags that they are.
    I wonder if any parties are planned to launch Krankies ,Save my Job
    independence stunt , maybe each SNP , MSP could arrange for all £6 Lidl kilt supporters ,to have a big Buckfast party with SNP balloons with Union Jack borders for all the children , Druthy Drew Hendry could act as bar manager and Fat Humpty Dumpty Blackford could sell burgers from his stall at the back of his 4×4 Range Rover,maybe Pete Wishart could give them all his usual happy faced permanent grin and play the keyboard for them., Maybe Paddy Harvie could give cycle rides on his tandem in full lyric gear.
    And you never know Krankie and Hamsa Useless might drop in by helicopter at each event ,Krankie with her yellow rimmed SNP glasses looking like a wasp, and Hamsa with his mandatory tartan tie .

    Uni Sex toilets of course will be mandatory at all parties at the request of The Dictator Krankie and Peter the Magpie Muddell.

    This is the calibre of the SNP who want to run our country in Scotland for us , who in their right mind would want them .


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