Up to his neck in SNP scandal and sleaze, Blackford grossly sweats it all off

by Colin Campbell

IAN Blackford announced in advance that he’d be in Glasgow on Friday night making the most of a Big Country concert.

That’ll be a treat for those around him.

The little fatman squeezed into a souvenir T shirt cavorting in the aisles to “Fields of Fire” and spraying sweat all around.

Blackford doesn’t usually publicise his personal entertainment schedule.

But after the week he’s had maybe he felt it necessary to make it clear he’s still alive and kicking.

His pristine reputation has been dragged through the mud in yet another SNP sex and sleaze scandal.

As Westminster leader of this broken down bunch of weirdos, liars and chancers he is facing calls to resign over his handling of sexual harassment claims made against one of his MPs.

The victim, who was inappropriately touched by SNP MP Patrick Grady at a party, said that Blackford should step down as his position had become “untenable”.

Grady was found by an independent investigation to have behaved inappropriately towards the male party worker at a function and was suspended from parliament for two days. But the handling of the complaint has drawn criticism, most notably from the victim, who has said he is now considering legal action.

In a leaked audio tape, Blackford said he was “very much looking forward to welcoming Patrick back into the group” and encouraged fellow MPs to give him “as much support as possible”.

In the face of accusations that Blackford and the SNP had betrayed the victim, his boss, the witch pardoner and transgender “rights” zealot was forced to declare she had confidence in him.

Any endorsement of that kind has an ominous ring to it.

Is his job on the line? He’ll no doubt have given thought to an emergency move to change his name to Doris and appear at the next PMQs wearing a dress.

He’d be untouchable then. Except perhaps by one of his weirdo MPs with appetites we don’t yet know about.

Blackford is already a money grubbing political hypocrite, raking in £250,000 in expenses alone from a Westminster system he claims to despise.

That’s already factored in and he’s still in his job.

But the outcome of the sex scandal we don’t know about. Sturgeon looked and sounded humiliated by it and that’s not a position Queen Nicola likes to be in.

Craven subservience to her from the little fatman may no longer be enough.

However it’s better he remains in his Westminster job. As an eternal national embarrassment, he’s the best deterrent to independence we could have.

But last night he took a break from it all on a summer night Big Country gig, making the sweaty most of it all no doubt.

They were one of most thrilling best bands of the 1980s under leader singer Stuart Adamson, who tragically died of drink and drugs in a hotel in the United States.

Even someone as utterly repulsive as Blackford was a normal functioning young fan once.

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