A letter on covid recovery (and that other plague on our lives, Nicola Sturgeon) to revered Inverness MP Drew Hendry

from Colin Campbell

Dear Drew, I understand you tested positive for covid, on Friday, June 17, exactly the same day as I did. As you said on Twittter: “It took a while to get me.”

Me too, two years and three months. I’m clear of it now, with no apparent after effects, but for two or three days it was a rough experience.

You no doubt watched Nicola’s announcement on Tuesday, although there is next to nothing on your Twitter site about it. If it boosts your covid morale, I firmly believe you are the best MP on Twitter Inverness has ever had. As you will know I’ve also dubbed you The Podcast King, due to those brilliant, unmissable podcasts you produce. I will not dwell on the unfortunate one where you let your guest Ian Blackford (shame he’s finally been exposed as a truly worthless hypocrite in yet another SNP sex scandal) declare that post independence a foreign country, ie England, would continue to pay all our pensions.

This did me a personal favour. As one of about a dozen people who occasionally listen to your “pods” I heard him say this, back in December. It was subsequently picked up from this site and forwarded to the Daily Express, which made it headline news, it spread across the media, and blew up into seriously damaging national SNP pensions chaos, which reverberates to this day. (I couldn’t have done it without you!)

I would add on the covid front that, as you’ll be aware, Nicola said specifically before last May’s Holyrood elections that her emphasis would be on continuing to guide the country through covid recovery and appealed for support from all quarters saying the election was emphatically not about independence.

Now she claims it was all about independence and she has a cast iron mandate for another referendum.

No matter, your continuing worship of her, whatever she says or does, is taken as a given. After all, it won’t be the first SNP liar you’ve cuddled up to. (NB: The phrase “cuddled up” is simply a figure of speech. Given the state of things among the SNP at Westminster, it is necessary to say I am emphatically NOT implying you are involved in any kind of “cuddling up” sex scandal).

Regarding her announcement yesterday, in my (very) humble opinion she has next to no chance of winning court support for another referendum.

However if that happens, she says she will try and turn the next General Election, in which I presume you will be a participant, into a de facto poll on independence.

Compared with your approach to the 2019 General Election, this will require a substantial rethink on your part. During that campaign, your campaign material made not a single mention of independence. Not one. Not a word, a phrase or a paragraph. It was all about your magnificent achievements on a range of local issues.

Next time round, by distinct contrast, every word will have to be about independence, and your views on what currency we would use if independent, on the effect on mortgages and savings, on a hard, passport controlled border with England, on how we’d compensate for the loss of the extra £2,000 per head we receive in public spending compared with people in England, and much else besides.

You’d also need to include a little bit about who would actually pay our pensions.

And of course, remembering your hugely refreshing trip to Gibraltar, where you dressed up as a soldier and stood beaming in the ranks among proper soldiers, you’d need to explain how a Scottish army, navy and airforce would be paid for.

As a noted ex-councillor and therefore I presume a Latin scholar, you will know that de facto means “without legal authority”.

Up to now in your stint as an MP I believe you have led a cosy and very well remunerated lifestyle. But if Nicola claims victory in her de facto election and takes any course of action on independence which has no legal authority your situation could change very quickly indeed.

SNP MPs becoming involved in blatant illegality could become the target of a great deal of public anger. You might in those circumstances need not only those Gibraltar battle fatigues but a very solid tin helmet too.

However hopefully Nicola would come to her senses and such a situation would not develop, enabling you to continue with your pleasant and relaxing life at Westminster.

Wishing you the best in your covid recovery (another free Westminster trip on another refreshing fact finding mission would do you the world of good), kind regards, Colin.

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