There WILL come a point where it’ll all backfire on her

by Colin Campbell

NICOLA Sturgeon offered little in the way of clarity yesterday in her “indyref2” announcement, but as always, stoked up the potential for more anger, bitterness and division.

It is unclear whether the Supreme Court will reject her plan to hold a consultative referendum in October of next year, though the weight of legal opinion is that it will.

But having apparently strained every sinew to emphasise how determined she is to follow a strictly legal path in pursuit of independence, Sturgeon’s grand finale was to declare that if the court verdict went against her, the SNP would then would fight the 2024 General Election as a de facto poll on independence.

The definition of de facto is “without legal authority”.

Which would mean Sturgeon and the SNP setting the ground rules for the 2024 election and expecting everyone else to go along with them. So much for “fairness and legality”,

And so much for the SNP succeeding in setting that course of action. I confidently predict hell would freeze over before Sturgeon got away with that wheeze.

The only problem for opponents of Sturgeon and her crew at this stage is rising to the bait and getting too animated by all this.

They would relish that.

Even so, they are and will undoubtedly continue to be an irritant.

It is by no means certain that support for Sturgeon, the SNP and their endlessly confrontational style will remain rock steady indefinitely.

After she made a comparable “indyref” announcement in March, 2017, at the General Election three months later the SNP lost  a third of their MPs. Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson were but two of those who were swept away in the public backlash.

But with polls consistently finding that independence is nowhere near the main priority for most people, with the most recent poll finding only 17 per cent want another referendum next year, many could be getting fed up of Sturgeon and her grand announcements and her deeply divisive obsession.

She was fiercely chastised by Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar yesterday for diverting attention from a range of much more pressing concerns affecting people in their daily lives.

Despite the “here we go” excitement among her followers it is their words and attitudes that could strike a chord with the vast majority of people.

Sturgeon told us and revealed nothing we didn’t already expect, with the possible exception of her rogue General Election plan.

But it’s highly likely that in their own good time the Supreme Court judges will quash the October referendum proposal.

That will be yet another severe blow to nationalists’ morale, and a highly welcome one.

How gung ho they’ll be if or when that happens remains to be seen.

But as many of us wearily look on at the latest twist in this endless saga, I believe there will come a point where Sturgeon’s obsession to the exclusion of all else will backfire on her.

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