Riding happily on SNP gravy train for 23 years, Ewing under orders to DEMAND a referendum

by Colin Campbell

FERGUS Ewing has been happily riding the SNP gravy train for the past 23 years.

He’s been aboard it for so long now he could be the driver.

First elected as an Inverness MSP in 1999 because everyone knew his mother, Winnie, he must have made a fortune out of it.

Not even the £250,000 a year ace expenses ace Ian Blackford comes close.

His style has been to barely mention independence between elections but then erupt with passion during the brief campaign as if he lives and breathes the cause.

Cult followers fall for it every time, six times in a row now in fact, then he goes back to whatever cosy and lucrative job he has in Holyrood and it’s forgotten about again till the next election.

It’s been a winning formula for more than two decades. Once you get on board the SNP gravy train, it rolls along for life.

What service does he provide to repay his constituents? The last time I checked his now shabby and decrepit office at the bottom of Church Street was still closed “because of covid”.

In other words he couldn’t even be bothered to have meetings with local people who needed his assistance. But you could always “send his staff an email”.

But not even this languid symbol of entitled, money grubbing SNP complacency could get out of emitting ordure on his boss’s latest plan for “the referendum”.

He fired up his eternally dreary column in the Inverness Courier with a tub thumping demand that it must happen.

Whether or not he actually wrote it or not is unknown. More likely it was a piece of propaganda which went out to all SNP lackeys from The Headquarters of The Regime.

The SNP had a clear and unequivocal mandate for indyref2 delivered by the voters in last May’s election and indyref2 must happen, Ewing declared.

The fact that they promised something they are not legally able to deliver was neither here nor there.

However it’s difficult to see a lifelong dullard like Ewing manning the barricades if, as is inevitable, the Supreme Court vetoes Sturgeon’s plan.

He’ll be quite content to stay on the gravy train and see out his time at Holyrood. Tugs on the emergency stop cord are not at all welcome.

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