Glare for glare if necessary, Penny Mordaunt would put Sturgeon in her place

by Colin Campbell

NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday said she was “open to negotiation” with the next Prime Minister on her plans for another referendum.

I’ll bet she is.

Open to negotiation that is, without having anything to negotiate.

Because there is nothing to negotiate.

If she would hold out the prospect of agreeing not to hold a referendum, that would be worth a session or two.

Or if she was open to a new Leave or Remain question being asked, in addition to at least 70 per cent of all eligible voters backing the break-up of the United Kingdom before it being allowed, and if separation was rejected there being no other referendum for a minimum of 30 years, these three combined would be worth a Downing Street sit down.

But as she would probably be physically torn apart and offered up for sacrifice by a demented nationalist mob on her next public appearance if she agreed to any of these things, she’s not likely to do so.

The favourite to be next PM is Penny Mordaunt.

She’s blotted her copybook in the past by becoming too closely involved in the trans nonsense, and stating the absurdity that “a trans woman is a woman”.

But unlike Sturgeon she is not in any way obsessed with enabling men dressed as women to wander around naked in female changing rooms. So for Mordaunt it was one transgression (no pun intended) and hopefully she will be forgiven it by Conservative Party members if she makes it through to being one the final two candidates after the voting process among Tory MPs.

She has the personality and charisma to overshadow dull, boring Keir Starmer. And more importantly, she would put Sturgeon in her place as well. In her first campaign speech she drove home her determination to maintain the Union and attacked the SNP.

While abuse was heaped on Boris Johnson, Sturgeon and the SNP got away with murder. They propose another referendum in 14 months time and still haven’t come up with any answers on currency, pensions, savings, mortgages, the deficit, a hard border with England, the cost of setting up a new army, navy and airforce, and so much else besides. It’s almost unbelievable.

It could be said that much of the supine, useless Scottish media has fallen down on the job. Or, more charitably, that no one is taking her referendum plan seriously, as it’s certain to be rejected by the Supreme Court. And her pledge to try and turn the next General Election into a “de facto vote on independence” has also been dismissed as yet another illegitimate promise she has no chance of being able to keep.

Boris Johnson pandered far too much to Sturgeon. How about those pictures of the two of them on the steps of Bute House with Johnson looking affable and genial, and pursed lips Sturgeon looking disapproving and stern? I’m the boss here, Sturgeon was saying, while a baying mob of nationalists hurled abuse at the PM.

Johnson was also far too cordial to Ian Blackford at PMQs, as the little fatman roared and blustered at him. On one occasion, God help us, he was outmanoeuvred by Blackford’s grossly obese deputy, Kirsten Oswald, and the SNP spin machine, and portrayed as a “fat shaming” villain for jokingly hinting that the little fatman was fond of cake.

From what we know of her track record, It’s very difficult to see Penny Mordaunt falling for any of that. If she agrees to see Sturgeon in Scotland it would be on her terms and it would be glare for glare if necessary.

And in terms of her attitude to the SNP, the face painters could find they’d abused the wrong woman.

No negotiation, no compromise, no concessions. And call them out for the liars and fraudsters they are at every turn. That’s what the majority of people in Scotland want to hear.

I can see Penny Mordaunt doing that. Let’s hope she gets the chance.

One thought on “Glare for glare if necessary, Penny Mordaunt would put Sturgeon in her place

  1. Did anyone see The Dictator Sturgeons photo in The Sun newspaper at the open ,she is making sure she gets on as many Hospitality Freebies as she can before she gets booted out next year.

    I thought for a minute on seeing her with her Krankie ice cream cap on she was an advert for Big Fat Blackfords Duke of York Tatties ,as she is certainly looking well on them , she was probably taking a break from the ice cream van duties on the 18th green ,then back to The Fish Van next week ,did not see Hubby Peter the Magpie with her , he is probably away for a wee break in Portugal and Krankie will move on from the golf to a girls weekend in Edinburgh , probably at the expensive upmarket Balmoral Hotel or some place like that
    Good old communist Krankie our Poundshop Queen , anything to get her mug in the papers.


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