Mastermind Hendry’s response to all key questions: ‘Pass, pass, pass…’

by Colin Campbell

MASTERMIND contender MP Drew Hendry formally complains in the Commons: “8 of my written questions are either overdue for an answer or ‘can’t be answered right now.’”

He says his team can’t get through to MP hotlines to get answers on issues such as social security, pensions and passports. And he adds: “This Government is simply not functioning properly.”

But I’m no economist” and joke SNP “Shadow Trade Secretary” Hendry, who becomes more strident in his demands for independence by the week, has a few questions of his own to answer.

And they start at a pretty basic level.

What currency would an independent Scotland use?

What would be the financial impact on people earning salaries and paying mortgages, amid other basic financial transactions?

How would the loss of the extra £2,000 per year per head in public spending people in Scotland receive compared with folk in England be compensated for?

What public services would be slashed to bring down the deficit to enable the SNP to achieve their Holy Grail of rejoining the EU?

What would be the impact on trade and how long would be the queues at a passport controlled hard border with England?

How much would it cost to set up a new Scottish army, navy and airforce?

And an entirely new civil service?

Where would the billions required to do that come from?


If you get your referendum and lose it, as you would, how long would it take you, acting under orders from THE REGIME, to start agitating for a third. A week, a fortnight, a month?

Mastermind Hendry hasn’t a clue about the answers to any of these questions. “Pass, pass, pass…” Neither, after eight years, of trying, has anyone else in the SNP.

The only one we do know the answer to is about their reaction to an indyref2 defeat.

And it is: A DAY.

Not being able to even answer WHAT CURRENCY WOULD AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND USE is about as basic as it gets.

But yet the glorified ex-councillor still thinks he will be one of the towering historical figures who will lead us to the Promised Land.

The SNP Government isn’t functioning.

And neither is Brain of Britain Drew Hendry.